Kimber® products are highly acclaimed for their quality, durability, and reliabiity.  The Yonkers, NY-based company produces some of the industry's finest personal defense and professional grade 1911 pistols, and has long been a supporter of the tactical advantages that Crimson Trace laser sights provide to the shooter.  In fact, Kimber includes several exclusive Crimson Trace Lasergrips® models as an OEM option on many new pistols, including the new Master Carry™ line.  In addition to their 1911 prowess, Kimber has produced the ultra-popular striker-fired Solo™ and the new Micro™ pistols for concealed carry - both with Crimson Trace laser sighting options.


This page showcases several product options specifically for Kimber pistols.  To view the entire line of Crimson Trace laser sights for 1911's, please visit our 1911 Pistols page.


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