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Crimson Trace Receives PNDC Recognition

The Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) recently recognized Crimson Trace with a prestigious 10-year Membership Award...

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Crimson Trace Carry 9 Packages Simplify Shopping

For gun owners who carry concealed, or are considering this option in the future, Crimson Trace offers a new method for having concealability at an unbeatable price—Carry 9 packages...

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Crimson Trace Partners With Laser Ammo on Sweepstakes

Placing a strong emphasis on proper firearm training, Crimson Trace selected Laser Ammo to partner on a sweepstakes event this month that encourages...

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Crimson Trace Equips Remington’s New RM380

Anyone seeking Remington's newly released RM380 Micro Pistol on firearms racks across America should also consider...

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Crimson Trace Launches Newest Lasergrips - LG-350’s

Crimson Trace has shipped the company's newest Lasergrips® - the LG-350 and LG-350G for Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers...

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Crimson Trace Conquers The Darkness

It’s an annual fall occurrence—nights are growing longer—and those periods will seem much longer beginning on November 1 when Daylight Saving Time ends...

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Top-Rated Customer Service

National Customer Service Week is underway (October 5-9). This business milestone week was established in 1992 by President George H. W. Bush with a proclamation stating...

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