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Crimson Trace Products Available From Major Merchants

From coast to coast, Crimson Trace products are readily available in the places where gun owners are already frequently visiting—and shopping.

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Crimson Trace Offers Most GLOCK Options

Crimson Trace offers laser sights to cover nearly every model of GLOCK handguns...

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Crimson Trace Awards Recognition

Crimson Trace has recently recognized numerous retail outlets across America for outstanding customer service and milestone accomplishments...

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Crimson Trace Offers 1911 Wood Upgrades

Gun owners have a love—and sometimes hate— relationship with wood. Wood grain and texture looks stunning to many, but...

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Rely on Crimson Trace Equipped Revolvers

The trend continues that an increasing number of Americans are buying firearms to protect themselves and their families...

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Friends Tell Friends About Crimson Trace

Gun owners are well known for talking to other gun owners with the discussion topics ranging from the most recent...

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Crimson Trace Grows Green Laser Options

Crimson Trace continues to expand its green laser sights category. In fact, the Wilsonville, Oregon based manufacturer now offers...

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Crimson Trace Catalogs Await Consumers

Crimson Trace announces that it has shipped its new 2016 catalogs to the company’s vast dealer network across America...

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Crimson Trace Debuts New Products at SHOT Show

Crimson Trace will be presenting more new and innovative products at the upcoming Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada...

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Crimson Trace Announces New Laserguard® Pro™

Crimson Trace continues its leadership position in the firearms laser sight and light accessory categories with the release of the Laserguard® Pro™...

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