Free Batteries For Life


The Crimson Trace Free Batteries For Life program is available for all qualifying Crimson Trace® branded products.  This program is only valid in the United States, and is only available to the original retail purchaser of the qualifying product (i.e., this offer is not transferable to subsequent owners).  Enrollment and product registration is required (see details below). 

What Products Are Covered?

The Crimson Trace Free Batteries For Life program includes many Crimson Trace branded products, as indicated on the product’s packaging or in the product manual.  Reference your Crimson Trace product’s packaging or manual to determine if your product qualifies for the program.  Crimson Trace appreciates its many customers, and this program is a reflection of the company's gratitude for their patronage.

How Long Does Coverage Last?

Under this program, the original purchaser of a qualifying product purchased new at retail may receive from Crimson Trace up to one (1) set of new batteries per calendar year, per qualifying product registered, for the life of the product.  The life of the product means the life of the materials and components of the product.  While Crimson Trace uses the very best materials and components for its products, all materials and components eventually wear out with use and exposure over time.  A product’s life is therefore measured by how much use it gets and how well it is cared for -- not its overall age. 

What Does It Cost?

There is no charge for the batteries provided by Crimson Trace under this program.

How to Register and Enroll?

To enroll in this program simply fill out the Free Batteries for Life Request Form below once per calendar year for your qualifying product below. 

How Do I Receive My Replacement Batteries?

The batteries are not shipped automatically.  You must complete and submit the Free Batteries for Life Request Form below to request your replacement batteries.  Under this program, you are only entitled to request one (1) set of replacement batteries per calendar year, per qualifying product registered.

The Crimson Trace Free Batteries for Life Program is not a warranty; it does not alter or limit the applicable warranty pertaining to your product, and it is not intended to create any implied warranties or rights of any kind including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Any such implied warranties are expressly disclaimed. Crimson Trace reserves the right to discontinue or change this program at any time, without notice.

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