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LG-305 Lasergrips® for Smith & Wesson J-Frame Round Butt (Extended Grip)

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Laser Sight for Smith & Wesson J-Frame Round Butt Revolvers

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Laser Sight for Smith & Wesson J-Frame Round Butt Revolvers
4.7  |  20 reviews
Crimson Trace LG-305 Lasergrips for S&W J Frame Crimson Trace LG-305 Lasergrips for S&W J Frame
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Crimson Trace LG-305 Lasergrips for S&W J Frame Red laser sight for S&W J frame LG-305 Lasergrips® for Smith & Wesson J-Frame Round Butt (Extended Grip)

LG-305 laser sights for the wildly popular Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver line feature an extended grip length over the LG-405. Featuring a front activated laser that is engaged instinctively when the revolver is held in a natural shooting grip, the LG-305 is manufactured with a rubber overmold material over a polymer base and is among the most popular Crimson Trace® Lasergrips® applications.


⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Platform Lasergrips®
Material Polymer
Attachment Grip Replacement
Activation Location Front Activation
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50'
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Battery Type Two #2032 Batteries
Laser Battery Life Over Four Hours
Laser Output 5mW Red Laser
Activation Mode Pressure Activated
Laser Visibility Approx .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
Wrench Size 0.028
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Finish Polymer Grip with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation User Installed
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Color Black
Dot Size Approx. 0.50" at 50'
  1. Amazing! Review by Matt

    Great grips and amazing fit! Just learn from my mistake. I removed my boot grips from my Smith and Wesson 642 and put the original bolt in the bag with the new bolt for securing the new laser grips. I grabbed the original bolt instead of the new bolt and it was preventing a really nice fit and marred up the inside of my gun a little bit. Whoops. (Posted on 6/11/2020)

  2. Very nice just one complaint Review by Matt

    Just put the LG 305's on my Smith and Wesson 642. Wish I would of noticed and known that their were two bolts for securing the grips on in the bag of adjustment tools and batteries, and known which one is a better fit for the 642. One bolt is threaded all the way and the other is threaded on two sides and smooth in the middle. My first installation I used the all threaded bolt and noticed it wasn't threading properly with the nut on the left side grip. It was just pushing the nut out of the grip and not threading. I removed the screw and noticed that the screw had marred up the inside of frame. No big deal since I'll never see it but still sucks. I was about to go to the hardware store to get another nut and bolt when I noticed the other screw in the bag of goodies it comes with. This one threaded with the nut fine and since it is smooth in the middle will not mar up your gun as it threads towards the nut. Please learn from my mistake and maybe a note in the installation manual is needed. (Posted on 6/11/2020)

  3. 2nd Crimson trace purchase Review by Tim

    I purchased this set for a S&W 442 revolver.
    They were right on.
    I really like them. (Posted on 2/27/2020)

  4. Situational awareness is GREATLY increased. Review by Ron in Idaho

    Situational awareness is greatly increased - - because I can maintain the red laser dot on the target - - and at the same time look at what is happening in the surrounding areas. (Posted on 2/14/2020)

  5. Customer Service Review by Engine15

    I purchased these grips from a major hunting store, upon opening the package I was missing 1 screw. I sent an email to CT, next day had a reply that the screw would be sent out asap. Package arrived today with 2 screws, 2 batteries, tool for adjustment, and cleaning swabs. Probably doesn't cost CT much, but goes a long way with me. Great customer service is a thing of the past nowadays, Crimson Trace still knows how to take care of their customers. Thank you very much! (Posted on 11/27/2018)

  6. Fits me perfectly. Review by Roundgunner

    I carry a J frame daily. This grip fits me so well I would use it even if it did not have the laser. With that said I think the laser grips are the biggest improvement for handguns sense the double action revolver came along. Every hand gun my wife, daughter and I ever use for self defense is equipped with Crimson Trace grips. The ability to use them in awkward positions and low to very low light make them something every person who carries a handgun for self defense should have, just in case. (Military & Civilian firearms instructor for over 20 years, IDPA Master Revolver competitor) (Posted on 1/20/2017)

  7. Great purchase Review by Chris

    I recently put this on my back up gun. After sighting it in at 15 yards I feel confident that if I need to use this in the spur of the moment I could trust my life to the product I will be purchasing other laser grips soon (Posted on 10/21/2016)

  8. Put a hole on the red dot Review by Eric

    Once sighted in, these laser grips are indespensible for defensive carry. You can put the dot onthe target and shoot from ackward positions. Really works well! (Posted on 9/16/2016)

  9. love them Review by pr

    I tried the 405 and 105 for my S&W J-Frames. Didn't care for the feel of the 405. The 105 felt better but my particular hand didn't put the light on unless I really consciously tried to squeeze the button. A normal firm grip didn’t work. It was my hand - other people probably would be fine. Tried the 305's and never looked back. I now have two sets of them. I had at first shied away from the 305's because they made the gun a little bigger, but the increase in length is worth it in my opinion - I can still conceal. I always liked snubbies, but never found them to be natural pointers - these fantastic lasers change everything, (Posted on 8/1/2016)

  10. Poor fit Review by James

    Returned to dealer. It was as though the rubber had shrunk. (Posted on 11/28/2015)

  11. Outstanding product Review by Chuck

    I put a set of these on my j-frame 9mm (mod 940), couldn't be more pleased. I had carried a j-frame for several decades as a law enforcement office, and always qualified expert. With the laser grips, however, I shot my first perfect score on a 50 round course. In low light, indoors, or outdoors on a cloudy day, the dot is visible at 25 yards. If it is so bright you cannot see the dot, you can use the iron sights. Even if bright conditions outdoors, you can see the dot at close range. It also adds greatly to your dry fire practice, you can spot and correct problems with your grip and trigger pull. This 305 model is superior to the 405 model in recoil (and pain) control - the 9mm has a surprising kick in a j-frame. I tried the smaller 405 model first, it is a bit more compact and conceals slightly better, but harder to control. It now adorns my air weight .22 j frame. Not needed for the recoil control, but very good cheap practice. Definitely a huge advantage for practice and carry - and competition if allowed.
    (Posted on 9/27/2014)

  12. Handful of Confidence Review by TNT

    I installed these LG-305 grips on my S&W 642 and I now have a great defensive fighting tool. Very easy to install in just five minutes and didn't even need to make any sighting adjustments. Perfect right out of the box. This grip really gives you something to hold onto on these little airweight blasters, fit my hand like a glove. And the laser is crisp and bright and responsive. The whole package is quality. I feel more confident that I can hit what I'm aiming at no matter what lighting, distance or position. Great addition to a great gun! (Posted on 6/13/2014)

  13. Perfect Fit Review by AZGirl

    Bought a S&W .38 Air Weight with these attached. I have never shot better. I feel MUCH more secure & safe with these grips. Laser is FULL-ON accurate and groupings are amazing. Grip feels perfect and the texture is awesome after a few rounds. I recommend these to my girl friends (and anyone else) who are brave enough to protect themselves in this manner. I've read the other reviews and am very pleased to know they remain accurate after daily holstering. Best buy this year so far! (Posted on 2/22/2014)

  14. Great product Review by NYPD Detective

    I am a 17 year veteran of the NYPD. I recently received the LG-305 as a gift. I carry a .38 smith and wesson revolver model 640-2 off duty. The grip itself has a better feel than the previous one I had . I think its great that I did not need to change out any holsters in order to have a laser sight on my weapon. The design of this grip could not be any better. So far I have been checking the sight to see if it has shifted with normal carry and removal each day and I can say that this sight is solid. After I zeroed it in it has not shifted in any way. Great job by Crimson Trace. (Posted on 2/6/2014)

  15. Very nice product Review by Pluffmud

    Installed these on my S&W model 60. Very bright laser light. Easy to install. Better grip than the original. If you eyes are getting old, this grip is for you. (Posted on 2/26/2013)

  16. Laser great, "FEEL" FANTASTIC Review by Ufonium

    I have a Smith & Wesson 342 Airlight that is VICIOUS to shoot.--even with standard pressure .38 loads. LG-305 grips are the best balance of size and comfort that I have been able to find in a LONG search for grips. Their compact size does not preclude them from taming the beast. Oddly enough, it is their laser feature that tempted me to push these grips aside. They make hitting the mark much easier and surer than when using the 342's own rudimentary sights. I did not want to become dependent on a shooting advantage that, in the end, relies on batteries. Eventually I realized that, even if the batteries went dead at some critical moment, I still wanted these grips to be on the gun. THEY FEEL THAT GOOD! I would like to take this opportunity to praise the Crimson Trace design staff. They are doing a CONSCIENTIOUS and SUPERB job. (Posted on 12/8/2012)

  17. Options Review by Attila

    All snubbies should have these. I was always good with this gun, buy now I can put all five in a 3in group. Amazing!!!! (Posted on 9/9/2012)

  18. Grips Don't Get Any Better Than This! Review by Rye Guy

    My main carry is a S&W Model 60 .357 Mag, the original grip was a very hard plastic with a very slick surface. Made it very difficult to hold on to let alone handle the recoil with sweaty hands. These grips are a little bulkier with a nice texture to them to allow for a much more comfortable grip. Feels great in the hands and makes it easier to handle recoil. The laser has got to be an absolute life saver! You know you can always trust it in the most important of times. (Posted on 1/18/2012)

  19. "true life saver" Review by Ex- Agent / U.S. Advisor (operator)

    My backup last chance weapon is a SW Model 640 in .357, and this is the very best grip for this weapon. It provides an excellent grip even when your hands are wet from sweat. But the most important feature is the accurate aiming of the laser for night shooting and indoor shooting. When your fine motor skills fail you, it's good to know the laser will be there!! (these products are a true life saver). (Posted on 12/19/2011)

  20. Good grips, with an extra advantage Review by JohnInTx

    My "always" gun is an S&W 340Sc, a lightweight .357 Magnum. The factory grips were hard plastic and difficult to hold, and the diminutive sights were quite hard to see in subdued light. These Crimson Trace Lasergrips addressed both problems - they cover the backstrap with just enough soft rubber to cushion the recoil so shooting the little gun with .357s is merely unpleasant rather than painful, and the laser makes getting hits MUCH easier in twilight conditions. The added bulk over the factory grips is insignificant, and I still "pocket carry" with no problem. Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/10/2011)

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Extended Grip
Fits Smith & Wesson® Airlight, Airweight, Bodyguard (except polymer-framed models), Chief’s Special, Centennial, Ladysmith, Models 36, 37, 38, 49, 60, 63, 317, 331, 332, 337, 340, 342, 351, 360, 442, 637, 638, 640, 642, 649, 651 and 940. Round butt only.
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