Why Laser Sights: Protection

Crimson Trace has led the laser sighting industry since 1994 with innovative products designed to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country. Just as no modern rifle is complete without quality optics, no personal protection handgun is fully equipped without a laser sight.

Laser sights are an effective tool for personal protection because they allow the shooter to effectively engage their threat while maintaining visual awareness of their environment. In moments of crisis, you will be focused on the threat. Your adrenaline will surge, your fine motor skills will erode, and all of your training will default to your lowest level of competence. Those negative factors can be offset by the use of a laser sight.


Lasers are a Threat Deterrent

We’ve said it for years: “Laser sights help bad guys make informed decisions”. Laser sights can de-escalate a potentially deadly encounter simply by engaging the target with a laser. On a daily basis, violent crimes are prevented by responsible gun owners who are committed to personal defense. Many times, simply deploying a laser-equipped firearm can end the confrontation. We know this because we are told regularly by our customers.

Protection: Threat Deterrent

How can you increase the odds that the attacker will give up before shots are fired? Use a laser sight. Uncooperative criminals have been shown to offer more compliance to a potential victim with a laser-equipped firearm. Lasers offer immediate visual feedback that clearly communicate that, “there is a bullet behind the dot”. Will a laser-equipped gun prevent an attack every time? Absolutely not – but it will increase your odds of success – and survival.


Lasers are an Advantage in Low Light Conditions

Bad things typically happen in the dark. Laser sights are an immediate, decisive, advantage when visibility is poor and shot placement is critical – especially when used in cooperation with a quality handheld (or, in certain scenarios, a weapon-mounted) flashlight. Even the best low light defensive handgun sights can be difficult to see in dark conditions – especially when stress is a factor, you’re straining to focus, or you’re on the move.

Protection: Low Light

A laser sight can immediately tilt the advantage in your favor by allowing you to focus on your target accurately and responsibility. Lasers open up your field of vision by helping to provide visual feedback on your muzzle direction, when speed and quick decisions are critical, and when low light conditions create chaos.