Why Laser Sights: Confidence

Human physiology has trained us to keep our eyes on what threatens us. The only thing that has changed over the years are the tools available to respond to those threats. Fine motor skills, like those needed to smoothly press a trigger, can be compromised under stress. A laser sight allows a defender to focus on the threat and will confirm point of impact under the worst conditions. During a crisis you will default to your lowest level of training…lasers are an equalizer when your life or the lives of your loved ones are threatened.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Militaries around the world trust their lives to laser sights.  Lasers are used by professionals to make them more efficient, more accurate, and more effective. Time and again, they report that a laser has saved lives by causing a hostile to relent. In every country, in every culture, everybody is fluent in “laser.”  10s of 1000s of Crimson Trace laser sights have been deployed by US Military Forces, because they help the best trained professionals in the world to accomplish their mission.


Lasers are Invaluable for Teaching New and First Time Shooters

Lasers are an invaluable tool when learning the fundamentals of shooting.  Lasers provide instant feedback which translates into immediate confidence and enjoyment for a new shooter.  What better way to overcome initial fears and affirm commitment to training than providing immediate, positive results for someone new to the shooting sport.

One of the most critical techniques in achieving consistent shooting results is proper trigger control. Lasers allow the new shooter to focus on trigger press while keeping the laser on the target. Once familiar with the trigger press and subsequent recoil, the new shooter can then transition to proper sight picture with a practiced trigger press (all the while with a laser confirming targeting). Developing accurate sight picture is often very frustrating to both trainers and students. Laser sights provide an effective, visible training tool that can dramatically reduce teaching time and improve results.


Confidence: New and First Time Shooters


Moreover, a trainer can diagnose issues with muzzle control, sight alignment, recoil anticipation, trigger slapping by watching the movement of the laser downrange without having to stand over the shooter’s shoulder and attempt to look through his/her eyes.  With an eye on the target, the trainer can also witness the stance, grip and much of the range to as to control all aspects of the shooter's performance and safety.


Lasers are an Advantage for Aging Eyes

From the day we are born, our eyes (comprised of muscle tissue) get progressively weaker. Inevitably our eyesight and ability to focus on different distances will diminish. Laser sights allow the shooter to ignore iron sights and focus on the target with confidence knowing that the laser shows true point of impact.

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss, affecting more than 10 million Americans.  It impedes the eyes' ability to read, recognize colors and/or see objects in fine detail. Many Crimson Trace customers are now able to defend their selves, their families and their homes with confidence, knowing the laser will acquire the target.


Confidence: Aging Eyes


Crimson Trace laser sights provide very effective sighting compensation when a shooter can’t see his sights due to darkness, low light, physical obstructions, eye contaminants or loss of corrective lenses. The bright red or green dot will accurately show the point of aim and point of impact, regardless of whether the student is able to align his sights on the target.