Why Laser Sights: Accuracy

Make no mistake; we respect the analog nature of the iron sight. It's the foundation for accurate shooting and no shooter should forgo traditional training. Yet, we accept there may be a time when target acquisition with iron sights isn't fast...or accurate...enough. In compromised visibility, they're difficult to see. In an off-balance shooting situation, they're nearly impossible to line up. We recognize that in a time of crisis, your eyes will be on your threat. Laser sights are simply an accurate projection of your iron sights lined up on your target. Are they a replacement or traditional pistol sights? No. However, they will boost your accuracy in times of crisis like no other sighting tool can.


Lasers are Effective From Awkward Shooting Positions

Laser sights allow accurate target acquisition even when the shooter is unbalanced, evading a threat, or engaging from behind cover. Accurately sighting a handgun while lying prone or from behind cover can be very difficult, even for highly trained shooters. The eyes and the gun sights just don’t align easily when the shooter isn’t standing upright, squared to the target.


Accuracy: Awkward Shooting Positions


Crimson Trace laser sights overcome this challenge, and are the best tool ever developed for maintaining accurate sighting from awkward positions. Consider safe, controlled training practices that introduce shooting stances that differ from standing perpendicular to your target. 


Lasers Help the Shooter Avoid Tunnel Vision

Laser sights prevent tunnel vision, allowing the shooter to quickly engage the target while being able to perceive activity around them. When confronted by a threat, keep your eyes on the threat and everything around the threat. This may include loved ones or innocent bystanders. This is especially true in low light situations. 


Accuracy: Tunnel Vision


If your training requires you to line up your eyes, rear sight, front sight and target, you are apt to get tunnel vision and completely lose sight of everything else in the vicinity when focused on the threat. Laser sights allow you to acquire your target, and lower your muzzle, which allows for a wider, more complete view of the situation. You’ll then be able to assess other threats in the periphery, identify innocent bystanders, look for better cover, create distance and identify additional escape routes.