Sighting-In Your Laser Sight

Crimson Trace laser sights are pre-sighted at the factory to 50 feet. Many times, no further adjustments are required. All of our laser products are fully user-adjustable for windage and elevation if further adjustments are desired. Assuming you are familair with sight picture and sight alignment, a good starting point is to align the laser with the fixed sights on the firearm. Please note that Infrared (IR) products require the use of IR capable optics.

A two-screw system is used to adjust for windage and elevation. The adjustment screws are located just behind the laser source. Use the supplied allen wrenches to make any adjustments. DO NOT OVERTURN THE ADJUSTMENT SCREWS. A little adjustment goes a long way. Rarely is more than half a turn required to make your needed adjustments. For additional information on your specific model, please refer to your product installation guide.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

For complete step-by-step instructions, please refer to the videos below.


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