Rail Master Pro

Presenting Rail Master Pro™: an unmatched tactical targeting tool from industry leader in laser sighting technology.

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Tactical Light

Featuring a powerful 100-Lumen LED white light.

Laser Sight

Available with powerful red or green laser.

Rail Master Pro

We combined our laser technology with a 100-Lumen LED white light in one durable unit. Choose from either green or red laser options.

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Green Laser

Available with a green laser for enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions.

Rail Master Pro

Rail Master® Pro™ is a truly universal sighting tool, fitting rail-equipped pistols, rifles and shotguns.

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Great on Long Guns

Rail Master Pro™ locks on to rail-equipped pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Rail Master Pro

Rail Master Pro™ delivers the target identification, accuracy, and threat deterrence for which Crimson Trace is respected.

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Crimson Trace Quality

As with all Crimson Trace products, Rail Master Pro™ is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

Rail Master Pro: A Closer Look

  • Laser + Light
  • Four Modes
  • Seamless Integration
  • Universal Fit

Laser + Light

Rail Master Pro™ combines a powerful 100-Lumen LED white light with your choice of red (CMR-205) or green (CMR-204) laser sight. The compact unit is swiftly activated using Crimson Trace’s ambidextrous Instant Activation™ tabs. This cutting edge technology helps shooters solve two problems: a light to see what threat is potentially lurking in the darkness, and a powerful laser to aid with quickly taking better aim.

Four Modes

Rail Master Pro™ features four modes of operation, allowing the shooter to easily select their choice in an instant. Modes of operation include: Laser + Light, Laser Only, Light Only, and Laser + Strobing Light. No other tactical sighting and illumination tool on the market offers this kind of versatility in a single compact unit. Thanks to this versatility, you can adjust the Rail Master Pro’s operation mode to fit a wide array of conditions you may encounter - or for your personal preferences.

Seamless Integration

An engineering marvel, the Rail Master Pro™ offers shooters industry-leading Crimson Trace quality in a single versatile unit. Its slim profile seamlessly attaches to rail-equipped pistols, rifles and shotguns in minutes. To enable the Rail Master Pro to adjust to the firearm or ammunition the shooter selects, the units offer windage and elevation adjustments allowing the shooter to fine tune their laser sight.

Universal Fit

A truly universal sighting and target identification system, the Rail Master Pro™ fits most rail-adapted pistols, rifles and shotguns. Each unit includes custom fit inserts for the user to easily install on most gun models. Rail Master Pro is user-installed onto a firearm in moments using Secure Lock Technology™. Once installed, the unit will stand up to even the heaviest recoil. The secure anchoring also helps the firearm and laser sight withstand the every day knocks of concealed carry use or heavy training at the range.

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