Protection Accuracy Confidence

Make no mistake, we respect the iron sight. It's the foundation for effective marksmanship and we advocate quality traditional training and fundamentals. Our laser sights are not designed to be a replacement for iron sights. They are not a replacement for anything on - or in - your firearm. They are a vital enhancement for what your firearm is designed to do, and are an invaluable tool for you as a shooter.

Defensive firearms are carried for PROTECTION. They are a worst-case-scenario tool for addressing immediate danger. In defensive shooting scenarios, a laser sight can help overcome challenges from lighting conditions or where your iron sights are simply not visible or deployable. In low light, they are an immediate advantage, especially when used with a quality handheld or weapon-mounted light. Laser sights can also potentially de-escalate a dangerous encounter, without shots fired. They offer immediate visual feedback that clearly communicates, "there is a bullet behind the dot".

Should a personal protection firearm need to be deployed, ACCURACY is everything. Can you make shots that count when your adrenaline is redlined and your target is no longer stationary paper? Fine motor skills can break down as stress levels surge. If the unthinkable becomes a reality, your laser sight will be on target, and your ability to defend yourself will be dramatically increased. Laser sights are highly effective in unconventional shooting positions such as from behind cover or engaging moving targets. They can help you maintain targeting as your eyes adjust focal planes; such as when your front sight fades in the dark, or when the human tendency to "look at the danger" occurs.

As they say; you don't carry a gun because it's comfortable. You carry one because it's comforting. A laser sight can add to this comfort by increasing CONFIDENCE. You may be a novice, well-trained, or even a professional. We hear regularly how laser sights de-escalated deadly encounters, their utilization in the field by LE and military personnel, and how they have assisted shooters who's eyes don't find the front sight like they used to. Most of all, we hear how laser sights have increased the confidence of "everyday" citizens who choose firearms for personal protection.

Since 1994, Crimson Trace® has led the laser sighting revolution. We are proud of our heritage, our people, our technology, and we are proud of what's coming next. Most of all, we are proud of our customers, our resellers, and our industry partners. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Protection. Accuracy. Confidence.

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