The LG-912 Master Series™ Lasergrips® for Springfield Armory EMP combines custom grip quality with the tactical advantages that only a Crimson Trace laser sight can provide. Front activated, the LG-912 features Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation™, which means that the laser is activated when the gun is held in a natural firing grip.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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LG-912 Master Series™ Lasergrips® for Springfield Armory EMP

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Master Series™ laser sight for Springfield Armory EMP.

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Master Series™ laser sight for Springfield Armory EMP.
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Crimson Trace LG-912 Master Series for Springfield Armory EMP Crimson Trace LG-912 Master Series for Springfield Armory EMP
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Crimson Trace LG-912 Master Series for Springfield Armory EMP red laser sight for springfield armory emp LG-912 Master Series™ Lasergrips® for Springfield Armory EMP

The LG-912 Master Series™ Lasergrips® for Springfield Armory EMP combines custom grip quality with the tactical advantages that only a Crimson Trace laser sight can provide. Front activated, the LG-912 features Crimson Trace's Instinctive Activation™, which means that the laser is activated when the gun is held in a natural firing grip.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Product Platform Lasergrips®
Material Polymer
Attachment Grip Replacement
Activation Location Front Activation
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50'
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Battery Type Two #2032 Batteries
Laser Battery Life Over Four Hours
Laser Output 5mW Red Laser
Activation Mode Pressure Activated
Laser Visibility Approx .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
Wrench Size 0.028
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Finish Polymer Grip with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation User Installed
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Color Black
Dot Size Approx. 0.50" at 50'
  1. Thicker than OEM...for a Reason Review by Randall

    I was surprised to find the width of my EMP with laser grips is essentially the same as my full-size Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911 with CT laser grips. Turns out, the laser grip is the same thickness for both guns—about 7.35 mm (0.29”). Pulling the thread further, the OEM cocobolo grips on the full-size 1911 are about 7 mm thick (0.275”). On the other hand, the OEM EMP cocobolo grips are only about 5 mm thick (0.19”). Sooo…the laser grips add about 0.2” to the thickness, consistent with John L’s 6-20-18 post.

    Conclusions: 1. The magic of the thin EMP grip is the thin grips. Well, a good part of the magic, recognizing the grip length is reduced relative to a standard 1911. 2. The laser grips on the EMP are likely no thicker than other CT laser grips—it is the same thickness as the standard 1911 laser grips. 3. The thickness appears to be necessary to accommodate the batteries.

    4 stars because I do have to shift my grip (down) to keep the laser on…not instinctive actuation for my hands that are on the small size. Would be better if the actuation pad had a wider area of sensitivity. But, I’m acclimating. Otherwise, the grips work as well as the CT grips on my full-size 1911, Bersa Firestorms, and Ruger SP 101.
    (Posted on 4/5/2020)

  2. Worthless, just completely worthless Review by Vandikar1

    I tried, I really tried. They are so damn fat they make the gun unusable to anyone who doesnt have a large hand. They're ugly.

    But the final straw was the inability to get anyone at Crimson Trace to deal with the short that was in the switch that just would not stop.

    New batteries, made no difference.

    I wish I could upload a pic of them, as I ripped them in half and will shoot take them out to the field and shoot them.

    The WORST product crimson trace ever produced. (Posted on 1/24/2019)

  3. Almost, but not quite, disappointed. Review by Teufel Hunden

    Like others who have reviewed the EMP Lasergrips, I have had very positive prior experience with Crimson Trace products (Lasergrip & Laserguard). They are intuitive and natural in use and function. A blessing for 70+ eyes. The EMP Lasergrip is not, for me at least, quite that satisfactory. In a nutshell, my instinctive grip (I have been shooting 1911s since my Marine Corps days….50+ years) does not always activate the laser. I do find that it does “fatten” the grip a bit which is sad because that is one of the main attractions of the EMP, but for me the main objection is that it changes the grip shape to something that is not instinctive/natural. Most of the time I either have to regrip and/or concentrate on my middle finger position/pressure. This is my go-to concealed carry weapon and that’s not the best scenario for high stress personal defense situations where instinct/training must carry the day. It’s just not the same natural procedure that works so well on my other models (S&W M&P and Shield). I want this type of sight on this weapon so I began by experimenting with various shims under the grip between the touch pad and the front strap of the weapon in hopes of making it more sensitive, and that has helped some, but not enough. I am now experimenting with a raised “speed bump” affixed to the top of the touch pad, but the jury is still out on that approach. Product reviews seem to be almost somewhat split between “works great” and complaints about the grip size and activation sensitivity. I suppose at the end of the day it boils down to each shooter’s style and gun hand. Accordingly, I highly recommend that anyone considering this grip for this weapon put in some range time with it to see how well it works for you. The quality of the product is there, but no amount of quality can make it acceptable if it does not work in your hand, and if it doesn’t you are going to be disappointed. I’m docking it 2 stars because so far it doesn’t work for me (yea I know, that’s a personal problem), but based on the reviews posted, the shape/size seems to be not just my problem. (Posted on 6/27/2018)

  4. Good fit and excellent customer service Review by John L

    I had to return my original set of grips due to a problem with the activation switch. CT turned things around quickly and with no pain on my part.

    I have an earlier model EMP 3" 9mm with the wood SA grips. I measured the width of the gun with original and the CT grips. Originals were 1.110" and with the CT laser was 1.312" a difference of .2". The CT grips installed using the original grip screws and the extra width fits better in my large hands not to mention the improved purchase on the gun with the finish on the CT grips.

    I'm a happy camper! (Posted on 6/20/2018)

  5. Not for the EMP Review by ekgoins

    I own several 5" & 3" 1911s with CT grips. They are awesome! So naturally I purchased some for my EMP. Not so awesome. Yes they work as they should, but they feel horrible! Way too FAT!! Make sure you feel these on before you purchase or you'll end up with an expensive paperweight like me. (Posted on 4/8/2018)

  6. I expected more from C/T Review by Dale

    I purchased the EMP because of the quality just purchased the laser grips for it. I have purchased four other C/T laser grips and found them to be an improvement on the feel of the gun. Not true with the Fifth on my emp. Really wish they would redesign this one just does not feel right. (Posted on 2/13/2016)

  7. Ok but???????? Review by kahrcrazy

    I currently own 9 laserguard and lasergrip lasers. All activate and work perfectly but the emp laser was returned once for not activating upon drawing the weapon. I had to regrip to activate almost every time .Upon receiving the new one I find it is doing the same thing! Im old and require lasers to be accurate at shooting Im dissapointed that I have to make this a safe queen (Posted on 1/27/2016)

  8. Excellent Review by Grasshopper

    A couple of reviewers wrote that the LG-912 grips made their guns feel "FAT", so I measured the width of the EMP factory grips with a Sarrett Model 798 digital dial caliper, the EMP factory rubber grips measured 1.290" in width, with the LG-912 rubber grips installed, the width increased to 1.314", that is ONLY 0.024"..!! I measured a 2002 dime, it measured 0.0500"..!! The only option I wish Crimson Trace offered was for a "Green Light", otherwise the 3 Crimson Trace Laser Grips that I now own are the "Cat's Meow"..!! (Posted on 12/12/2015)

  9. I like the way my EMP feels with these Crimson Trace Lg-912 grips1 Review by P.J.

    I have big hands, and these grips feel and perform above the standard grips. IMHO these grips with the laser attached are a perfect match.
    After not being able to see a red laser beam on my old laser at 5 yds. on a bright sunny day, a friend had a pair installed on his Kimber auto.
    He was right next to me in the next shooting stall. I could not believe what I saw. There was his Crimson Trace laser still in the same 5 wt. rating outshining mine.. It made me an instant believer.
    I bought one CMR-203 set in green for my wife's PCX4 storm and she loved it. With very little adjustment she was shooting out the X ring at 10 yds. I mean constantly & consistently !
    What a great product! I ordered one for my EMP and just love it to death.
    To each his own but I think that Crimson Trace makes one of the best lasers on the civilian market... They are dependable and reliable. Money Well Spent! and the service department will answer any questions that you may have. An added plus MADE IN AMERICA. not an import from China. (Posted on 9/3/2015)

  10. Eh Review by Vandikar

    It fattens up the grip way too much. Grips on its wider than the rest of the gun. Took um off and tossed in drawer. Save your money. (Posted on 1/11/2014)

  11. Good, not great Review by JerseyJim

    The good:
    Bright shiny laser. Really, it punches thru smoke and is quite bright. I'd rather have a green laser though, as sunlight at anything over 15-20 yds is not that effective with the red.

    The bad:
    Turns my slinky EMP "girlfriend" into a chunky hausfrau. It's not unworkable and still far better than no laser, but I can't help but think they could have worked out something with those outstanding VZ grips that came with the EMP to give me best of everything. Yeah, I would have paid more.

    For reference measured under grip safety to just under trigger guard, the EMP lasergrip is 132mm, about the same circumference as a Glock 23 measured in the same manner.

    Final note: I'd not consider a carry weapon without a laser, since we CCWers are responsible for every bullet, that seals the deal for me. I can hit moving targets like never before and shoot accurately from retention position.

    One fit note, I had to change from the short screws supplied by Springfield for the G10 grips to the full length 1911 screws. Even then I had to file them down a bit as tightening to full torque caused the magazine to bind. CTC support tried to be helpful, but was unable to resolve this with promise of custom grip to allow short screws to get purchase, but never did, so I had to replace the screws. (Posted on 12/1/2013)

  12. Excellent choice Review by SS

    Like many things these grips are a compromise. I purchased them to assist my aging eyes with tight shots and out of position shooting. Plus I believe a quick flash of that laser into a darkened part of the house would send even a half wit intruder on their way. On the other hand the CT panels are almost exactly twice the thickness of the stock wooden panels but the grip is dramatically improved. Since I live in Illinois I have not had the opportunity to try to carry this pistol concealed as of yet but I doubt that the new panels would make that much of a difference over the original configuration.
    I did have to slightly modify the indent for the opposite side of the magazine release button with a rat tail file and make larger the opening in the dust cover.
    All in all I am very pleased with the product. (Posted on 11/6/2013)

  13. Way...way.....WAY!!!!! To thick Review by Kyle Guthrie

    I mean, holy crap. I paid for um so I'm going to keep um, but man. It's like gong from holding a sleek mini-9mm 1911, to holding a watermelon! Takes the grip width to inline with the thumb safety.

    Almost completely destroys feel of gun.

    On upside, the increase weight lowers the muzzle flip and the lack of a green laser or wood options like the other masters series grips means I'm not saddled with indecision problems. (Posted on 9/7/2013)

  14. Perfect for CCW !!! Review by Tattoo

    Gotta have it for my EMP .40 I just got today!!! Have a Crimson Trace on my XDM 3.8 .40....still need one for my .40 XDM 4.5 and XD .45 , I will order this one NEXT... (Posted on 11/22/2012)

  15. Bright Review by joezeyboy

    I already have the 901 master series on my Kimber CDP & been waiting for these that fit my EMP 40 for a long time. Can use the same holsters. There great. (Posted on 11/21/2012)

  16. Excellent!!!!! Review by Ron

    Been waiting forever!!! Exactly what I want grip mount. Will be order two. Thanks to crimson trace. Look good!!! (Posted on 10/20/2012)

  17. Happy Review by Ron

    Exactly the design I was hoping for grip style!!! I will be ordering two sets for my 40 and 9mm hurry!!! Look good!!! (Posted on 10/13/2012)

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Fits Springfield Armory EMP. Will NOT fit EMP Champion 4".
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