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LG-429 Front Activation Lasergrips® for Sig Sauer P228 and P229

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Laser Sight for Sig Sauer P228 and P229 Pistols

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Laser Sight for Sig Sauer P228 and P229 Pistols
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Crimson Trace LG-429 lasergrips for Sig Sauer P228 & P229Crimson Trace LG-429 lasergrips for Sig Sauer P228 & P229
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Crimson Trace LG-429 lasergrips for Sig Sauer P228 & P229 red laser sight for Sig Sauer P228 & P229

LG-429 laser sights for Sig Sauer P228/P229 semi-automatics feature Crimson Trace’s® latest technology for this proven law enforcement and civilian handgun. Incorporating technology first used on Crimson Trace’s MILSPEC version Lasergrips® for the Beretta M9, the LG-429 features a front activation laser switch and rugged grip texture. The LG-429 incorporates a smaller laser diode housing for greater holster compatibility.


⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Platform Lasergrips®
Material Polymer
Attachment Grip Replacement
Activation Location Front Activation
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50'
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Battery Type Two #2032 Batteries
Laser Battery Life Over Four Hours
Laser Output 5mW Red Laser
Activation Mode Pressure Activated
Laser Visibility Approx .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
Wrench Size 0.028
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Finish Polymer Grip with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation User Installed
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Color Black
Dot Size Approx. 0.50" at 50'
  1. As expected Review by Mike c

    I have multiple CT laser grips and guards and these fit my p229 elite perfect and snug. The laser stays spot on and is very easy to activate. My only minor issue is that these do add a bit more girth on the grip than I found on my 1911 ones. But still a good fit and grip for my hands.

    I recommend them completely (Posted on 11/10/2019)

  2. Excellent Review by Mark P.

    My first set is on my Sig P220 and these are now on my P229 Elite - and they are (IMHO) required equipment for civilian carry. I am nearsighted. These grips solve the vision problem completely, with or without glasses and give me a 5 inch group at 50 feet with one hand consistently with both the 220 (.45 ACP) and the 220=9 (.40 S&W). (Posted on 9/24/2018)

  3. Just right Review by Big Steve

    I just installed the laser grip on my 229. The fit was perfect. The laser is spot-on with the iron sights at 25 yards. The grip is slightly larger than the factory, which is perfect for my hand. The texture is aggressive without being too aggressive.
    This is my fourth set of laser grips.
    (1911, J-frame, Governor, 229)
    I am happy with the other 3, I feel like I will be with these also.
    I hope Crimson Trace will make a grip mount laser for the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 2.0 in the very near future. (Posted on 4/30/2018)

  4. Fits M11-A1 Perfectly Review by ColoradoSkies

    It only seemed logical that a grip set designed to fit both P228 and P229 would also work on the M11-A1 - and it did! Now if either the LG-429 or the LG-329 would become available in a green laser version. Ideally Mil Spec (waterproof) PLUS green laser. I'll keep checking in to see if LG-429MG, or at least LG-429G, is offered. (Posted on 4/12/2016)

  5. button not responsive Review by Joe

    After reading other less satisfied reviews, maybe its all related. My experience with my Glocks, and Beretta were perfect. No issues. Customer service was great. My .40 cal P229 has had issues as mentioned above but the button was also hardly responsive. Crushing it is not great since aim is affected. Customer service told me its not covered, a few years old so I had to eat it and buy a new one if I chose. I have other sights that glow so I put it off out of dissatisfaction. Makes me not want to get anymore knowing such a costly and important thing can be replaced in a couple of years on a gun that can last forever. (Posted on 12/3/2015)

  6. Very Satisfied 1st Time User Review by SFCEric

    With aging eyes, the laser provides an immediate target feedback.
    Installation was completed in less than ten minutes, only because I didn't start with metric size tools.
    Fit and finish, initially I experienced a slight gap(1/32") a slight wiggle and backing off the L/ side grip screws and the problem was resolved and remained tight after tightening all four screws.
    This is my primary weapon for carry, home defense and adding the Crimson Trace Laser increases my survivability rate substantially. (Posted on 11/10/2015)

  7. The LG-429 for my Sig Sauer P229 is outstanding. Review by Artie

    When I ordered the LG-429 I didn't think it would be as easy to install as it turned out to be. I have told all of my shooting buddies what a great product you sell and the excellent results I had using it. Thank you for get this product in the field. (Posted on 10/13/2015)


    Received my first set of Crimson Trace Laser grips just a few days ago and so far not a problem and all I hoped they would be. The quick assembly instructions were a big help to get started as I like to delve right in when I get a new toy. All the parts and screws seem to all fit and work as a unit and have no problems so far. Haven't shot my weapon yet, so not sure if firing will cause any concerns. It still fits perfectly in my Serpa holster so I was happy with that. Inserts, locks, and draws just like before. All in all, well worth the expense. This was the red laser model. For my next purchase I am going to get the green laser for my 320 .45 ACP striker fired weapon when it comes out any month now. (Posted on 7/20/2015)

  9. Not good fit Review by Snapshot Buntline

    This is my 5th set of Laser Grips, and the worst The ones for my 1911s and my S&W J Frame are great ... all 5 stars. The ones for the SIG P229 not so much.
    First, they are big ... 1/2" bigger around than the Elite grips that came with the SIG. Too big and bulky.
    Second, no grip screws. I had to call SIG and they sent me a set for free.
    Thirdly, the lower screws went through the frame too far and bound up the magazine. I had to put washers under them to make the magazine drop free. Seems they need to put a little more material in the mounting hole to raise the screws away from the frame.
    Overall, I'd say a redesign is in order.
    I'm not happy.
    I'm considering a rod guide laser so I can put the original grips back. (Posted on 2/4/2015)

  10. disapointed Review by laserman

    I have over 17 Crimson Trace grips & rail models, for both pistols andwheel guns .
    This model I found fit & quality 5 stars
    But since I have a 229 with the plastic snap on grip - I did not have
    stock screws to install the laser.
    Down to 4 stars since I f feel that depending on a 3rd party so I can install this grip is a bit much.
    A option should be offered so the grip can be ordered with screws (cost past on ) .
    3 stars I have never had a laser grip that altered the feel of the gun so much ,With the stock snap on grip the gun was sleek and very slim & compact, this grip entirely changed the feel of the gun, to me made it feel clumsy and gave me the feel of holding a 226 not the compact 229 I am used to.

    (Posted on 1/17/2015)

  11. Outstanding Design Review by JimBeaux

    The ease of installation surprised me, even on my new P229 that came with a snap on grip with no grip screws. Fit and finish are top notch. I continue to be pleased with the quality of CTC products. (Posted on 5/11/2014)

  12. Perfect Product Review by gman

    Not sure why other reviewers have had problems, but the product is perfect for me. The fit is absolutely spot on. The grips are slightly wider than the factory Sig grips, but they actually feel better to me than the factory grips. The accuracy was perfect, right out of the box. The only slight negative with this type of laser is that you need to keep your trigger finger slightly lower when in the "safe" position so as not to block the laser. This product is easy to use and I was able to put the laser on the target MUCH quicker than I coud aim with the Sig sights. At night, or without my glasses, it's a no-brainer. (Posted on 11/15/2013)

  13. Like it - easy to set up. Review by Lou

    Wish CTC would hurry up and make the same laser for my compact Xdm .45 (Posted on 7/22/2012)

  14. Excellent upgrade to your pistol Review by Tactical Gun Review

    I had been intrigued by the various laser options being marketed these days and decided to outfit my beloved Sig P229 .40 with the Crimson Trace LG-429 grips. This model incorporates the front-activated switch for the laser. It is very natural - just take your regular grip and as your middle finger applies normal pressure the laser activates. There is no "thinking" involved. It simply works.

    Obviously some people possess an inherent dislike of any type of laser or outside influence on the normal sight acquisition. What if the battery is dead right in the heat of the moment, when your life is on the line? Are you really going to risk your life on such a "crutch?"

    Many of those same people have weapon lights mounted on their rig (or carry a Surefire flashlight).

    Installation took maybe five minutes from opening the box to tightening the screws. Super simple upgrade even the most mechanically challenged can accomplish.

    The laser was quick and easy to co-witness to the iron sights.

    One thing that really impresses me is how far the laser designates at night. No doubt that the laser is useful beyond handgun accuracy.

    The only negative is that the slightly increased bulk of the laser may interfere with your holster. Otherwise, I'm very pleased and can recommend this pistol upgrade.
    www.tacticalgunreview.com (Posted on 4/17/2012)

  15. lg-429 Review by Gunnr

    I too have had many of the older CT grips that fit close and comfortable. These they just seem to be sloppy, right at the point where dirt and dust might come in. At the range I was using a lot of somewhat dirty ammo and found the power did get in and under that diod and its now all cloudy. I am sending them back and ask that they either fix them correctly or give me a set like my old ones that fit and function as before. I carry my weapon all the time LE but in civilian clothing. (Posted on 4/7/2012)

  16. Disappointing Review by Charlie

    This is my 4th set of CTC grips. The 1st 3 were “5 Star” grips, but these are a disappointment. When I installed these grips there was a 1/16” gap between the right grip panel and the weapon frame behind the laser module. I contacted CTC and was told “The gapping that I see from your photos is very normal. That tiny gap on the back of the grip shouldn't cause any issues with snagging in the future. I haven't had anyone contacting me regarding a similar issue. You shouldn't have any problems.”

    I am a law enforcement officer and these grips would have been on my duty weapon, but due to the fit and the possibility for water and dust intrusion, I have difficulty having confidence in this particular set of grips. Even as they are, the grips are sighted in and line up with the iron sights at 50’ as advertised.

    This is not a blanket condemnation of CTC products. As I said earlier, the first 3 sets of grips are “5 Star” and I plan to equip the rest of my handguns with CTC grips as finances permit. I will however test fit them on the weapons prior to purchase.
    (Posted on 2/28/2012)

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