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LG-434 Laserguard® for Kahr Arms .45 [DISCONTINUED]

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Laser Sight for Kahr Arms .45 ACP Pistols [DISCONTINUED]

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Laser Sight for Kahr Arms .45 ACP Pistols [DISCONTINUED]
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red laser sight for Kahr Arms .45red laser sight for Kahr Arms .45
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red laser sight for Kahr Arms .45 Crimson Trace LG-434 laserguard for Kahr Arms .45

The LG-434 laser sight for Kahr Arms .45 pistols provides an instinctive front-activation point that is engaged with your natural firing grip. Simply hold the weapon normally and the Laserguard® activates, placing a bright red dot where the gun is aimed. Seamlessly mounted to the trigger guard, this instinctive solution is critical to personal defense, and an excellent way to outfit your premium quality Kahr Arms concealed carry weapon.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Platform Laserguard®
Material Polymer
Color Black
Activation Location Front Activation
Attachment Trigger Guard
Battery Type One 1/3N Lithium Battery
Finish Polymer Housing with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation User Installed
Laser Battery Life Over Four Hours
Activation Mode Pressure Activated
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50'
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Warranty Three Year Limited Warranty
Wrench Size 0.05
Dot Size Approx. 0.50" at 50'
  1. BEST LASER SIGHT You Can Buy- Bar None! Review by davzway

    SHORT: PRO- best laser you can buy. CON: None seen in decades.
    CT has the best quality laser being made today; they represent an excellent VALUE, providing Quality of product commensurate with PRICE you pay. Do your homework, research what's out there and make sure you know WHAT you want and specifically what firearm you want a Laser Sight.
    Do you NEED a Laser? How much is your life or your family's life worth? IF for Self-Defense, can you afford NOT to have a laser. Reality is bills must be paid, rent and electric paid on time; as well as making sure your children are clothed and fed- some of us cannot afford the Cadillac and make do with Chevy (or Ford). CT has models covering all price categories. Those CHEAP lasers out there- are there and they ARE cheap; just remember, when you find yourself in situation where you 'need' the gun and that new laser- you will REALLY NEED THAT LASER TO WORK.

    LONG answer:
    Laser sights have come a long way from the days of being the size of a Bread Box with a belt mounted battery pack contraption for power. This reviewer (helping at friend's gunsmith store in Clearwater- having CT countertop display with the 'blue gun' demonstrating the CT laser, which sold many dozens of lasers) can remember CT's early years- where shop sent Glock pistols to Crimson Trace to install their laser (how CT wired those laser's is still one of life's smaller mysteries) which developed into gunsmith installing new CT laser for Glocks and other firearms.

    However this Review is in 2017, CT lasers are not limited to Glock with Crimson Trace expanding their product line to include nearly every firearm being manufactured, including both traditional 'RED' laser, as well as newer 'GREEN' laser which can nearly be seen in daylight.

    Crimson Trace has grown due to QUALITY of product and SERVICE for their customers. In some 25-years of being there, cannot remember but a few problems which CT promptly fixed to customer's satisfaction. End result is Crimson Trace as you see the company today. Crimson Trace manufactures the BEST Laser products you can own. There are certainly 'cheaper' laser products out there; one popular brand personally tried and sent back THREE times before I forked over $$$ for another CT laser.

    That takes care of WHERE to buy the laser for your firearm; the NEXT question this reviewer hears "Why do I need a laser". You can get by with your firearm 'without' a laser; it will go bang (100% of time) without that red dot being projected in front of you, and the fired bullet will 'HIT' something (hopefully what you aimed at). What the LASER SIGHT will do is improve your ability to hit your target, ESPECIALLY in low light or dark environment (which 80%+ of time is when gun will be needed for self defense). IF the gun is used for recreation shooting- no big deal one way or another; BUT if you are using the gun to protect yourself and especially in protection of you loved ones or family- when you shoot you NEED to hit what you are shooting at AND do so as quickly as possible. In a life or death personal protection situation, TIME is your enemy. FBI stats have most gunfights happening: a) 'INSIDE of 21' (close), b) ~1.8 shots are fired (bang, bang- it's done; for better or worse), and last c) 2.5 seconds have past (very short amount of time). In competition shooting, timers are used; set a timer or alarm for 'generous' THREE Seconds, using your favorite concealed weapon (IN it's normal 'carry position') <inside for test, TRIPLE check to ensure gun is NOT loaded before doing this>. When ready,, have someone say "GO",,, at time of their choosing. After the 'GO', button on timer/alarm is pushed; care to take a bet on IF your gun is out of concealed holster and Fired' before timer buzzes?

    WHY you need the Crimson Trace Laser is the HUGE gains in your keeping your eyes on the target, watching only for the red dot (or green) on the target (Bad Guy); where if you can see the target AND the red dot you can pull the trigger expecting your bullet to go where intended (cannot 'see' target, Better NEVER pull that trigger),,, Normally only situation where you even bring the gun into the open (involved in whatever situation is going on) is when LIFE THREATENING situation is at hand.. sometimes the mere visual aid of having a 'Red Dot' on their torso will persuade BG (Bad Guy) to quit and go elsewhere (best of all situations, personal and legal).

    LASER SIGHTS are just that; another sight, adding to original iron sights, improving your ability to hit your target. As an instructor, the Red Dot removes the shooter's Alibi for 'missing' the target.

    Back too Crimson Trace:
    Crimson Trace quality and durability has allowed these Laser Sights to be installed on everything from small bore 22's to large bore 44's (or 45's) without the laser sight losing it's zero (initial sight in- DO NOT go past specified number of rotations to adjust windage and elevation. Not sure how to adjust? Take to store where you purchased (hopefully local gun shop vs a 'Big Box store or Wally World place) or to competent gunsmith. The CT Laser installation is do-it-yourself' easy -- provided you use a little common sense. Unsure about something- CALL Crimson Trace; a customer service rep will set you on the right path.

    How to improve the CT laser? Have a unit with an LED Light AND a Laser; though you'll get into the argument on Lights being handheld vs light mounted on weapon. PERSONAL opinion. Have the flashlight/laser combo on a pistol for investigating late night prowlers- AND carry a hand held, button activated at bottom end cap BRIGHT LED flashlight which is used in conjunction with weapon mounted laser/light combo. CIVILIANS: especially outside your home, going around 'POINTING' a weapon at someone as you shine your flashlight around the dark to identify who's who or what is on your property.... there ARE situations OUTSIDE your home where folks can Object to having a gun pointed at their face AND in turn 'File their objections with the local police department',, which in turn can cause YOU the gun owner some Legal Difficulties in this not so gun friendly environment we must deal with. Enough said.

    LASERS ARE DEFINITELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT OF YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS- and Crimson Trace should be given top consideration when you decide to add a LASER to you firearm inventory. (Posted on 2/25/2017)

  2. P45 - passed the test of time Review by down zero

    I have had this on my gun for quite some time and have been very happy with it. Hot loads have not affected it. What I like is when you pick up the gun, the laser comes on with you normal grip with your finger out of the trigger guard. If I want it off, just relax the pressure with my middle finger. No switches to fumble with. I have had this on my Kahr P45 for quite some time and have been very happy with it. Hot loads have not affected it. What I like is when you pick up the gun, the laser comes on with your normal grip even when your finger out of the trigger guard (the way you should pick up a firearm). If you want it off, just relax the pressure of your middle finger. No switches to fumble with. One feature a laser gives you but is not addressed very much is that you are able to point the firearm at a threat from a retention (chest high) position where you still have a full view of the threat. Think about it; when you bring a gun up to your face to use the normal sights, the lower part of the threat is not visible when pointing at the chest or head of a threat. What is the threat doing with his/her hands? (Posted on 6/1/2015)

  3. PM45 - Quality build/ Integrated design Review by Spence

    I have owned Crimson Trace lasers for my Springfield 1911 A1 Mil Spec and my Keltec P-32. As soon as I saw this I wanted it for my Kahr PM-45; ordered it and just now getting around to posting the review.

    The laser makes the gun better looking and looks fully integrated. Once again, job well done Crimson Trace. Keep up the good work.

    (Posted on 11/2/2013)

  4. Excellent Product Review by Mike

    I have your red Lasergrips(front activation) on 2 J frame Smith & Wesson revolvers, 2 Kimber 1911 pistols and a Laserguard on my Kahr PM9... I am 70 years old and I find the laser a great benefit for keeping me shootinging. I have tested your laser sights, point shooting at 7 yards and 15 yards. My groups are over 1/2 smaller with the laser , as compared to the iron sights .
    I am due for battery replacement on 3 of my Laser sights. How do you get on the list for free batteries for life?
    (Posted on 6/3/2013)

  5. KAHR CW45 LG-434 issue with lefty shooter Review by James Vaughn

    Purchased this gun and laser for my wife to use - installed the laser via instruction included. problem is that the wife has small hands and when her fingers grasp the gun, the activation button is now sitting directly in the joint of her middle finger and she cannot activate the laser without "thinking" about it AFTER grasping the gun. The "instinctual advantage" this laser was supposed to offer is no longer there for her...she must think about re-adjusting her hand so that she can activate the gun - this could be life-threatening if she has to re-grip the gun in a life/death situation. perhaps this laser needs to be redesigned with the 'small hands shooter' in mind...I myself, do not have any issues shooting this gun/laser as it was intended (but I have larger hands)...This is something buyers should consider before purchasing this laser. (Posted on 2/28/2013)

  6. Great piece of kit! Review by Randy Hamrick

    I love this piece of equipment!
    It was easy to install. It did require a bit of fine tuning to be sighted in but has kept its zero quite well. I carry the pistol (with laserguard installed) inside my waistband (in a holster) every minute I have pants on, and it has proven its durability.
    I don't believe a laser will ever replace sighting fundamentals but do believe they have their place. This provides great assistance in point shooting, and shooting from awkward positions.
    I highly recommend it! (Posted on 2/25/2012)

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Fits Kahr Arms PM45, P45, TP45 and CW45.
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