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Since 1994, Crimson Trace® has defined and built the laser sighting category through design, innovation and performance. With an obsession to create best-in-class electro-optics, Crimson Trace is proud to further enhance the experiences of shooters, hunters and rugged outdoor enthusiasts. Shop our complete line of laser sights, tactical lights, electronic sights, tactical riflescopes and hunting riflescopes.

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Rail Master®

Powerful universal-fit laser sights & tactical lights for rail-equipped pistols, rifles & shotguns.

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Rail Master® Pro

Versatile laser sighting and tactical lighting systems for rail-equipped pistols and long guns.

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Laserguard® is the best-in-class line of laser sights for polymer-framed defensive pistols.

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Laserguard® Pro

Combining a laser sight and 150 Lumen LED white light in a single compact unit.

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Lasergrips® mean repeatable accuracy, fast target acquisition and proven dependability.

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Master Series™

Equip your beloved 1911 pistol with the finest laser sights available anywhere.

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The World's first wireless laser & white light system for AR-Type Modern Sporting Rifles.

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The MVF-515™ is a white light and laser foregrip designed to fit your AR rifle with accessory rail.

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Tactical Light

A best-in-class family of powerful tactical lighting products for rail-adapted long guns.

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Lightguard™ is an instinctively-activated tactical white light that securely mounts to your firearm.

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Defender Series™

The Defender Series™ provides cutting edge design, superior technology, and affordability.

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Lasersaddle™ is a powerful laser sighting solution with seamless integration to shotgun frames.

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Electronic Sight

Our line of open and closed red dot reflex sights for rapid target acquisition and engagement.

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5 Series™ Riflescopes

Presenting our elite line of MIL/MIL FFP precision riflescopes - for the most demanding marksmen.

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3 Series™ Riflescopes

Purpose-built and feature-rich Tactical and Sport riflescopes with maximum clarity and durability.

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2 Series™ Riflescopes

Maximum riflescope performance and excellent value from the industry leader in electro-optics.

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