The Laserguard® line is the laser sight of choice for compact, polymer framed pistols.

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Laserguard® features the same Instinctive Activation™ technology as our famed Lasergrips®.

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Laserguard® mounts securely to the trigger guard, enhancing your ability to engage threats quickly and accurately.

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Laserguard® enhances your ability to gain target acquisition with small-framed handguns that have hard-to-see fixed sights.

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  • Secure Platform
  • Instinctive Activation™
  • Seamless Integration
  • Concealed Carry

Secure Platform

Creating a solid, secure platform for a laser under the barrel of polymer frame pistols is the key to the Laserguard® platform’s stability. Laserguard is truly the finest laser system for ultra-compact polymer frame semi-automatic pistols available.

Instinctive Activation™

Laserguard® is the best-in-class laser sight for compact and subcompact pistols, featuring the same Instinctive Activation™ technology as our famed Lasergrips® line. Instinctive Activation allows the laser to be activated - immediately - with a normal firing grip on the pistol.

Seamless Integration

We’ve kept the Laserguard® platform lightweight and in tune with the DNA of the handgun. Seamless integration with the trigger guard yields repeatable accuracy, yet adds remarkably little mass. Laserguard is user-installed in moments with zero alterations to the firearm.

Concealed Carry

Laserguard® is a perfect match for today’s compact concealed carry semi-autos. Many of these handguns feature small (or non-existent) fixed sights. The laser allows the user to get on target quickly and accurately from concealment. In addition, we’ve worked with several top holster manufacturers to create and offer top holster choices compatible with Laserguard-equipped pistols.

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