Defender Series™ combines cutting edge design and superior technology with affordability.

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A new standard in laser sights at an affordable price, Defender Series™ fits today’s most popular handguns.

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No personal protection firearm is complete without a laser sight and Defender Series™ will help you engage targets with confidence.

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Defender Series™ provides Made in the USA Crimson Trace quality with an affordable price tag.

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  • Protect What's Yours
  • N-Gage™ Activation
  • Popular Fits
  • Made in the USA

Protect What's Yours

Defender Series™ sets a new standard in laser sighting systems for today’s most popular handguns. Cutting edge design, combined with superior technology and affordability provide the performance you expect from Crimson Trace.

N-Gage™ Activation

Defender Series™ is offered in two models: Accu-Guard™ and Accu-Grips™ laser sights. Both models feature a red N-Gage™ Activation button and instantly power up (or down) by engaging the ergonomically placed activation button. Both models feature a red 5mW peak, 620-670nm, Class 3R laser beam.

Popular Fits

Defender Series™ Accu-Guard™ and Accu-Grip™ laser sights are available for many of today’s most popular handguns including: GLOCK, Ruger LCP, Springfield XD/XD(M), Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers and Taurus Small Frame revolvers.

Made in the USA

As with all other Crimson Trace laser sights, Defender Series™ products are proudly engineered and manufactured at our headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA.

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