CTC Defense™ laser sighting tools are a game changer.  The ability to place a bright aiming mark directly onto the target in all conditions translates into increased hit potential.  Warfighters know that laser sights are highly effective for: CQC (such as room clearing), communicative targeting for squad members, rapid engagement of multiple targets, precision targeting from behind cover, and targeting from unconventional positions.

CTC Defense offers sighting solutions in the following configurations: visible lasers, infrared technology, and shoulder fire laser sighting.  Visible laser sights are the most cost effective means of equipping troops with an instantly effective sighting device.  Both sight and target are placed in the same focal plane, minimizing training time for recruits and providing experienced shooters with superior tools for low light engagements.

Near-IR (infrared) lasers are invisible to the naked eye, which is a huge advantage in asymmetric warfare operations.  However, CTC Defense IR lasers are highly visible when viewed through image intensifiers and provide a bright aiming mark out to the useful range of the weapon.

The 72mm LAW rocket is proven, lightweight and effective, but has always lacked a useful low light sighting system.  Until now.  The CTC Defense laser sighting module dramatically increases the probability of a first round hit out to 200 meters.  The operator simply determines distance, sets the range dial and fires when the laser contrasts the target.


Under close-quarter combat conditions, Crimson Trace lasers saved the exchange of gunfire and innocent lives many, many times. Once the laser marked its target, the look on their faces was priceless.

-Solider in Iraq with the 304th Military Police Bn.


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