Use by Law Enforcement agencies is at the genesis of Crimson Trace products.  As the operational needs of the modern LE officer have changed, CTC Defense™ products, with their military pedigree, implement nicely into the mission critical needs of law enforcement agencies and the challenges they face.

Police agencies know that training alone may not adequately prepare officers for deadly force incidents and that intense stress reduces the body’s ability to maintain control.  In current law enforcement environments, low light conditions and the need to identify targets immediately and with precision are paramount.

Modern research indicates that officers utilizing CTC Defense (including Crimson Trace) products improved their hit ratios by over 300% in armed encounters.  Missed shots can have unintended and tragic consequences both for officers and the public.  Fewer shots fired, meaning fewer errant bullets that would place people and property at risk.

CTC Defense™ products can also end potentially lethal encounters without a single shot fired, as laser sights are an effective means of de-escalating potentially severe incidents.  Whether used for tactical Law Enforcement operations such as SWAT, or by officers on patrol, CTC Defense products are an effective means of deploying, or eliminating the need to deploy, precision firearms targeting.


When split seconds count, and the price of failure may be counted in lives lost, the value of a reliable laser system is unequaled.

-Roy Huntington - LE veteran, firearms trainer and writer

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