The world can be a dangerous place.  Equipping your firearm with the leading laser and light systems will enhance your effectiveness and ultimately aid in keeping you and your family out of harm's way.  This is one of many reasons Crimson Trace has once again created a firearms training video unlike any other.

The original - "The Art of Survival" - has been fundamental in the education and training of laser sight technology.  "The Laser's Edge" will teach you the advantages Crimson Trace laser sights and tactical lights offer.  To demonstrate proper training techniques, we have assembled some of the most trusted experts in the firearms industry.



This 2:30 trailer introduces Crimson Trace’s informative laser sighting video, “The Laser’s Edge”, which raises the bar for laser training and education and features instruction and commentary from top industry names.

SHOT Show Version

Originally debuting in front of hundreds of anxious viewers at SHOT Show 2013, this expanded preview of “The Laser’s Edge” features top sections from each chapter of Crimson Trace’s new DVD.

Instinctive Activation™

Iain Harrison demonstrates the distinct tactical advantages that Crimson Trace laser sights with Instinctive Activation™ provide.  When the handgun is held in a normal firing grip, laser activation is instantaneous.

Training With Lasers

Julie Golob demonstrates how laser sights make excellent training tools for new and experienced shooters alike by providing instant feedback while perfecting precise trigger control and muzzle discipline.



Target Visibility

Richard Mann discusses how the use of laser sights in a self-defense situation can increase total threat visibility and fight off “tunnel vision”, allowing the shooter to focus on the threat – not on their sights.

Concealed Carry

Michael Bane demonstrates the use of laser sights for concealed carry permit holders.  Bane covers how lasers are a distinct advantage for modern small frame handguns, which often feature small iron sights.

Weapon Mounted Lights

Michael Bane discusses weapon-mounted lights and their use in self-defense situations.  Bane showcases the Crimson Trace Lightguard™ system and it’s broad yet bright beam and how it operates for threat detection.

Accuracy On The Move

Todd Jarrett demonstrates the use of laser sights in engaging targets while on the move, as well as accuracy, in compromised shooting positions.  Jarrett also shows how lasers help you confidently shoot from behind cover.



Expert Conversations

In this exclusive footage taken from “The Laser’s Edge”, noted firearms shooting and training experts discuss several hot topics including threat assessment, target focus, gun selection for women, and much more.


Rescued from the cutting room floor, this short outtakes selection from “The Laser’s Edge” shows that, while this is a serious business, it’s OK to have a little lighthearted fun as well.



You may be a new shooter, a long-time gun owner, or even law enforcement or military.  It does not matter.  Crimson Trace can help you be a more confident and accurate shooter.  These experienced trainers and competitors will give you The Laser's Edge.


Michael Bane Julie Golob Iain Harrison Todd Jarrett Richard Mann Dave Starin


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