Real-world laser tactics

Your goal is to be effective with a gun in your hand. Equipping your gun with a laser sight enhances your effectiveness like no other firearm accessory can. The Art of Survival illustrates ground-breaking laser tips and techniques that can help you prevail in a life-threatening situation. Noted firearms experts Michael Bane, Julie Golob, Ken Hackathorn, Todd Jarrett and Wes Doss use live-fire scenarios to demonstrate cutting-edge techniques you need to know to protect yourself and become a better shooter. They'll show you why lasers have become a preferred training tool, and they'll highlight the critical differences between what happens on the practice range and during adrenaline-pumping gunfights.

The bottom line is this: Lasers take nothing away from your skill as a shooter, yet provide life-saving advantages you wouldn't otherwise have.


The Art of Survival: Chapter 1


Hosted by Michael Bane, this introduction to The Art of Survival shows the advantages of equipping your handgun with a Crimson Trace laser sight to help prevail in both tactical and survival instances.
The Art of Survival: Chapter 2

Training That Works

World champion shooter Julie Golob discuss fundamental laser training methods that simply work.  Julie demonstrates how lasers can help shooters through sight picture and trigger control exercises.
The Art of Survival: Chapter 3

Conquering Low Light

Renowned firearms instructor Ken Hackathorn demonstrates the use of Crimson Trace laser sights, along with the use of tactical white lights, in low light conditions – common in personal defense situations.
The Art of Survival: Chapter 4

Accuracy On The Move

Legendary pro shooter Todd Jarrett showcases the use of laser sights in a personal defense situation, and how they can help shooters maintain accuracy while shooting on the move.



The Art of Survival: Chapter 5

On Target From Any Position

Military and Law Enforcement trainer Wes Doss demonstrates how laser sights can allow you to shoot accurately from unconventional positions as found in real-world self-defense situations.
The Art of Survival: Chapter 6

Gunfight Psychology

TV personality Michael Bane candidly discusses how laser sights can help you survive an armed encounter, where everything you’ve learned at the range can go out the window in seconds.
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