Crimson Trace is proud to be the preferred on-board choice of more than a dozen firearm manufacturers. Pre-installed laser sights and tactical lights are available from your preferred retailer on new firearms from top brands including: GLOCK®, Smith & Wesson®, Heckler & Koch®, Ruger®, Kimber®, Walther®, Remington®, Honor Defense™, Charter Arms®, Bersa®, STI International™, and Wilson Combat®. Together we offer the ultimate personal protection package, enhancing your ability to protect family, home and country.


Crimson Trace OEM Partner GLOCKCrimson Trace OEM Partner Smith & WessonCrimson Trace OEM Partner HK

Crimson Trace OEM Partner RugerCrimson Trace OEM Partner KimberCrimson Trace OEM Partner Walther

OEM Partner RemingtonCrimson Trace OEM Partner Honor DefenseCrimson Trace OEM Partner Charter Arms

Crimson Trace OEM Partner BersaCrimson Trace OEM Partner STICrimson Trace OEM Partner Wilson Combat

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