What is Crimson Club?
Crimson Club™ is a free online consumer loyalty program that rewards participating members with “Points” that can be redeemed for discounts on product purchases on the Crimson Trace website.  Members are only required to provide their first name, last name, and a valid email address for membership.

Who can sign up for Crimson Club?
Any online consumer with a valid email address may sign up for Crimson Club.  Membership is free, and members will receive 100 Points instantly when they register for the Club (members can also earn 100 additional points by subscribing to the Crimson Trace eNewsletter – available at registration).

What are Crimson Club “Points”?
“Points” are the currency of Crimson Club.  Members can earn and spend Crimson Club Points, provided they are “logged in” during their activity.

How do I earn Crimson Club Points?
Crimson Club Points are earned when you purchase products or engage in other select activities on the Crimson Trace website, such as Referrals to your friends and family.  Members must be logged in for points to apply to their account.  

How do I spend Crimson Club Points?
Crimson Club members may use Points towards Crimson Trace products on the Crimson Trace website only.  Members may choose to use as little or as many Points as they have available in their account on each purchase.  There is no cash value on Points.

How do Referrals work?
Members may “refer” Crimson Club to their friends and family through the account login interface via an email invitation.  If your referrals register for Crimson Club, you will earn Points (provided that the referred member clicks the referral link in the email – “tagging” them as your referral).  The new member that you referred will receive the Points in their account as a new member. If your referred member(s) order product(s), you will also receive additional points.  This feature is currently in development.

Can I transfer points to my other email address or to a friend?
No.  Members’ points are tied exclusively to their account, and may not be combined with other members’ accounts, including an additional account of your own.  We kindly ask that you create one Crimson Club account.  Should your email address change, or if you wish to use a different email address on your account, you may edit this when logged in.

I just bought Crimson Trace product(s) before I joined the Crimson Club.  Can I have Points?
No.  Crimson Club Points are not retroactive to previous orders, and are only applicable to orders and activities that have taken place since you have registered as a member and you are signed in to your account.  Points earned on a purchase are available towards your next order.

Can I use the Points I’m earning on a purchase to get a discount now?
No.  The Points you are earning towards a current purchase are only useable towards your next purchase.  Once the purchase is completed, the Points you’ve earned will be populated into your account, and ready for use on your next order.

I bought my Crimson Trace product(s) somewhere else.  Can I have Points?
No.  Crimson Club Points are only applicable to orders or activities in association with the Crimson Trace website.

I’m not getting any Points for activities.  Why?
Verify that you are logged in to your Crimson Club account.  Unless you are signed in to an active account, Points will not be added to your account.  Check to see if you are logged in on the upper right hand corner of your screen under the section entitled “My Account”.

I have Points to use on my order, but I don’t see how to add them?  Why?
Verify that you are logged in to your Crimson Club account.  Unless you are singed in to an active account, your Points will not be available for use.

I have more Points than the product that I want to purchase costs.  Can I have the money?
No.  Crimson Club Points carry no cash value.  You may use your Points up to the complete value of the product(s) you’re interested in purchasing.  Unused points will remain in your account.

When will my Points expire?
At this time, Crimson Club Points do not have an expiration date.  We do, however, reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and provide all members with clear communication of the updated policy.

I don’t have an email address OR wish to share mine.  Can I still sign up?
No.  In an effort to provide a streamlined registration and account management experience, Crimson Club information is connected to your account via a valid email address.  At this time, an email address is required for your participation.

I don’t want to give my email address.  Can I still sign up?
No.  Crimson Club information is connected to your account via a valid email address.  At this time, an email address is required for your participation.

I gave my email address.  Will I get spammed?
No.  Crimson Trace, under no circumstances, will sell, trade, or make available, your email address to any other parties.  Your participation in the Club (and associated Crimson Trace email communication) is voluntary, and you may choose to leave and/or unsubscribe at any time.

Can I lose my Points?
Yes.  Crimson Trace reserves the right to revoke member Points in the event of abuse or dishonesty.  Points that have been earned through the valid purchase of Crimson Trace products will not be modified without notification.


For additional support, please contact Crimson Trace Customer Service by phone at 1-800-442-2406 or by email at: customer@crimsontrace.com

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