The Foundation
Since 1994, our products have offered folks like you the absolute height in personal-defense preparation, bar none.

Make no mistake; we respect the analog nature of the iron sight. It's the foundation for accurate shooting and no shooter should forgo traditional training. Yet, we accept there may be a time when target acquisition over iron sights isn't fast enough. In compromised visibility, they're difficult to see. In an off-balance shooting situation, they're nearly impossible to line up. Last, as opposed to a laser, they cannot deter an assailant in low light situations.

Fight To Win

Our Promise
One of the biggest advantages Crimson Trace brings to the self-defense environment is Instinctive Activation™. Whether you select original Crimson Trace Lasergrips® or Laserguard® with Instinctive Activation, just pick up the gun, the laser turns on instantly...and you can go to work.

If by chance, you do have to pull that gun, you're going to be target-focused in that moment. Crimson Trace lasers give you a bright aiming point right on that target where you want that bullet to go. Just grab the gun; the laser comes on. This is vital when seconds count.

Condition Crimson: Brooke Commercial

The Next Level
We believe every handgun should be equipped with a laser sight, just as any modern rifle now has a scope. Many of you remember the Cooper Color Codes of Awareness from your handgun training. Condition Red is the final stage--that decisive moment when a threat becomes reality and you're actively engaged in a fight. But Condition Red leaves out an essential aspect: It only assumes you'll be as ready as possible. It doesn't guarantee it.

That's where Condition Crimson comes in. When added to a handgun, a laser sight takes Condition Red to the next level. In Condition Crimson, you're not just prepared to fight; you're prepared to fight in the fastest, most confident, most accurate manner possible.

Without Failure
Like you, our service is respectful and courteous. What's more, if our products don't augment your absolute need for comprehensive self-protection, we won't make them.

We're conscious of your need for value, as well, because our products are not laden with gimmicks you don't need. They're intuitive to install and operate. They feel good in hand. They don't fail in a time of need. Because of this, they'll forever justify their price in trade for the high nature of preparation they offer.

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Inspiring You To Stand
Last, our marketing is provacative. Truth-telling. Humble and never irreverent. It inspires you to protect self, home and family by preparing yourself to not just fight, but fight to win through confidence, speed and accuracy.

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