I Train Constantly
Doesn't matter if it's dry fire drills, perfecting my drawstroke, or out at the range. I handle a gun every day. I carry. At. All. Times. You might say I'm heavily armed. I sure would.

My buddies and I shoot a lot, and the guy who owns the range has been trying to get me to work there for years. He knows I know what's up. If the time ever comes--and it might--when I'm looking a serious threat in the eyes, that threat will be handled. No question.

That's why most of my guns are equipped with a laser. I don't crutch on it or anything because I don't need to. It gives me the instant, ultimate advantage. Fast. That's a factor most people don't think about, and one I'm not about to compromise when it's go-time. I don't know how it's going to go down, but I know it will be fast. I know I will be fast. Being prepared is what it takes to win, and make no mistake: I will win."



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