I Been Around Guns My Whole Life
Hunting with Dad and Grandpa. I did two tours. I spent weekends with the boys up at the cabin shooting targets. Fact is, I like my guns. I like them a lot. They're as American as baseball and apple pie. But this is a different America than the one I grew up in. I have my .45 with me 99% of the time, and the other 1% I'm asleep.

It's just how the world is these days, so when people ask about the laser I just give it to them straight: You don't know what kind of confusion that's gonna fly through your mind when the fight's coming at you. I learned that in the service.

My laser is going to give me the accuracy to fight through the confusion. Maybe I'll need it. Maybe I won't. But going without's a risk I'm not about to take. I've worked too hard, for too many years, to let someone take anything from me. Get yourself a laser. Just my opinion. I've always got a few of those."


Condition Crimson Commercial Jerry

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