I Never Saw Myself as a Gun Owner
For the longest time, I just couldn't imagine living in a world where I'd really need one. I believe that if I put out good energy, then good energy will come back to me. But there comes a time when I have to be honest with myself, you know? I'm a single girl with an active life. The world has its share of creeps, and someday one of them might try to get creepy with me.

It took a lot of thinking, but I eventually got a gun and learned to shoot. Sometimes I still can't get over the fact that I'm now a gun person. But I know it makes sense to protect myself, and the added accuracy from a laser makes even more sense. I've told all my girlfriends about it and a few of them have even learned to shoot. It might sound strange, but it's given me the confidence to live my life in a time when we see a lot of women living in fear. To me, that's the thinking of a smart woman who's not about to become a victim. That's me taking control of my life."


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