We Live Out On 200 Acres
It's off a county highway and a good ways outside of town. Our closest neighbor is two miles further. My husband works swing shift and has for the last 23 years. It gets quiet out here with the kids gone. Especially in the fall, when everything's so dark at night. Jim's been trying to buy me a pistol for a long time now, but guns are his thing, not mine.

A few years back, a man showed up on the porch. The dog knew about it before I did. Nothing happened. He just needed a tow truck. But it got to me. Jim bought me a pistol and I found a lady at the range who taught me to shoot. Bless Jim for trying, but it really helped to learn from a woman. My instructor told me about lasers and we got one. I was shocked at how much more comfortable I was when shooting. I even told my daughter it was fun. I still miss Jim at night, but I'm a lot less worried about the next stranger at my door. Heaven forbid, but if it comes to it, they'll become the statistic. Not me."


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