Crimson Trace's mission to enhance your ability to protect family, home and country has no expiration date. Inventing technology to give you an instant and overwhelming advantage continues to drive everything we do to properly equip and serve our customers.

Nearly 25 years and more than 300 products later, one fact is irrefutable--no personal protection firearm is fully equipped without a laser sighting system from Crimson Trace.

We are the industry leader in laser sighting technology. With that distinction comes enormous responsibility to you and the people you may need to defend with a firearm, equipped with one of our laser sights. And we plan to meet that responsibility for another twenty years.

Crimson Trace is ready. We are proud to be making products that save lives, and we are just getting started. Crimson Trace is already hard at work, developing new innovations to ensure Crimson Trace laser sights will always make you a more accurate and confident shooter.

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