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Blog: Top Shotgun Lasers

Top Laser Sights for Shotguns

As with most any defensive firearm, a laser sight or weapon light with laser combo is an excellent force multiplier - though it doesn't eliminate the need for good training and a solid grasp of the fundamentals...




Blog: Dropping Truth Bombs

Dropping Truth Bombs (aka "Laser Myths")

By Jeremy Stafford. The topic of laser-aiming devices on firearms for defensive use is as full of myths and outright lies as a politician's speech. Honestly, I didn't even know where to start...




Blog: Crimson Trace Red Dot Sights

Crimson Trace Red Dot Sights

The term "red dot sight" has become virtually ubiquitous, and not entirely correctly. Right or wrong, it has become a de facto category-wide term used for a wide range of optics  ̶  including some that aren't red at all...




Blog: About Green Lasers

About Green Lasers

It is important to understand something as we begin: a green laser is not actually, measurably brighter than a red laser. We simply perceive it as brighter - which is functionally the same thing...




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