Why Lasers

Just as no modern rifle is complete without optics, no personal protection handgun is fully equipped without a laser sighting system. Laser sights make the user a more accurate and confident shooter.

Laser sights help shooters become more accurate and confident with their firearm.

Sight Alignment: Laser sights illustrate proper sight alignment by placing a visual indicator on the target in relation to iron sights.

Trigger Control: Laser sights offer visual feedback on trigger control errors, helping shooters see the "surprise break" and "mashing" the trigger.

Laser sights will improve your accuracy, especially in a time of crisis.

Awkward Shooting Positions: Laser sights allow accurate target acquisition even when the shooter is unbalanced, evading a threat or behind cover.

Tunnel Vision: Laser sights prevent tunnel vision - allowing the shooter to quickly identify the target while being able to capture activity around them.

Laser sights enhance your ability to protect family, home and country.

Threat Deterrent: Laser sights can de-escalate a potentially deadly encounter simply by engaging the target with the laser.

Low Light: Laser sights allow the shooter to gain a sight picture and engage a threat when iron sights may not be visible.


Why Lasers - Training Tool

A laser sight and the training to back it up offers the ultimate advantage.

Target Visibility: Laser sights drastically increase target visibility by helping the shooter do what is natural in a crisis -- keep their eyes on the threat.

Dry Fire Practice: Training with a laser sight helps show accurate sight picture and sight alignment by offering a visual indicator to help shooters self correct.

Using laser sights increases confidence regardless of experience level or scenario.

New & First Time Shooters: Lasers are an invaluable tool when learning the fundamentals. The added confidence will go a long way in diminishing hesitation in many new shooters.

Aging Eyes: As humans age, their eyesight and ability to focus between distances can decrease. Laser sights allow the shooter to place focus on the target with confidence.


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