Training with laser sights can make shooters become more accurate and confident by helping to improve the two most important shooting fundamentals: Aiming (which includes Sight Alignment and Sight Picture) and Trigger Control. “Training With Lasers” takes on several of the most fundamental training challenges by demonstrating the benefits of laser sights as a training tool. These benefits include: increasing muzzle awareness, improving and correcting both sight alignment and sight picture, the obvious advantage of acquiring and maintaining sight picture in low light conditions, decreasing arc of movement, and helping to diagnose and improve trigger control errors.


Training With Lasers



Training With Lasers: Introduction


Firearm training with laser sights will help shooters become more accurate and confident by helping to improve the two most important shooting fundamentals: Aiming and Trigger Control.
Training With Lasers: Muzzle Awareness

Muzzle Awareness

Training with laser sights assist in safe gun handling by increasing muzzle awareness. A laser demonstrates the crititcal - often violated - discipline of safe muzzle direction at all times in a clear, visual way.
Training With Lasers: Sight Alignment

Sight Alignment

Training with laser sights improve and correct sight alignment by allowing a visual indicator from the laser beam in relation to proper sight alignment. This allows shooters to quickly see errors before taking a shot.
Training With Lasers: Sight Picture

Sight Picture

Training with laser sights improve and correct sight picture by indicating if sights are aligned correctly on target. Lasers indicate shot placement without the need to align sights or acquire sight picture.



Training With Lasers: Trigger Control

Trigger Control

Training with laser sights helps diagnose and improve trigger control errors by showcasing the importance of "surprise break" and follow through. Lasers quickly diagnose errors such as recoil anticipation and more.
Training With Lasers: Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Professional firearm trainers and industry experts including: Dave Starin, Chris Weare, Ed Friedman, Jorge Amselle, Julie Golob and more, discuss the advantages of equipping your firearm with laser sighting systems.


“Training With Lasers” was created by Crimson Trace Corporation with support by the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Education & Training Division. Shot entirely on location at Gunsite Academy by Uncage The Soul Productions. Special thanks to: Richard Mann, Dave Starin, Chris Weare, Sean Thornton, Ed Friedman, Tom Monahan, Bryan Grimm, Jorge Amselle, Julie Golob, and Karen Starin.

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