When you’re heading into the field this hunting season, don’t forget to think of your backup weapon.  You spend considerable time planning your trip, scouting your game, acquiring your tags and perfecting your rifle or archery skills.  When that trophy buck or bull presents himself – you’ll be ready.  The real question is: are you ready for EVERYTHING you may encounter? 

Your primary weapon isn’t always the best choice.  Your rifle or bow may bring home the trophy, but what if your elk bugling attracts a stalking cougar? Or when your downwind spot and stalk finds you startling a bear following the same whitetail? What if you encounter a large predator in low light on your way to the stand? Or when you walk up on a coiled rattler? What if your gut pile attracts more visitors than just your picture-snapping buddy?

It’s possible that your rifle or bow isn’t available when you need it, or it’s damaged. You may find yourself in close quarters, defending against a charging predator or a striking snake. The point is: your hunting trip is well planned, but a surprise encounter with dangerous game never is.



Defending my family and myself is my responsibility to God for His precious gift of life. I keep and bear arms accordingly, and the Crimson Trace laser sighting system optimizes my capabilities to survive. It's quality stuff for quality of life.

-Ted Nugent - President of United Sportsmen for America, Author and Musician

When your laser equipped backup revolver or semi-automatic is deployed, the laser automatically springs to life. We refer to this benefit as “Instinctive Activation”. Should the need arise for you to deploy your backup – your safety and possibly your life is in danger. In low light or close range conditions when you need an accurate shot, you can count on a Crimson Trace laser.

As a hunter, if you’re fortunate enough to live in a state where hunting with laser-equipped handguns is legal, Crimson Trace offers a new level of precision and shot confidence. The perfect shot opportunity is coveted and rare, and your trophy will likely not stand around and wait for the perfect angle. When the red dot of your Lasergrips is placed on target, you’ll have the confidence to take that shot.