MVF-515 Product Platform

Modular Vertical Foregrip (MVF™) is a revolutionary and patent-pending design that combines three tactical tools for modern sporting rifles into a singular modular package. Truly a modular unit, MVF allows the user to interchange between Visible Red, Visible Green, or Infrared (IR) laser panels. Rugged in design, the MVF offers and an aggressive grip texture for hard use, and is quickly and easily user installed on M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Style accessory rails. A powerful 200 Lumen White Light accompanies a powerful aiming laser for the ultimate tactical illumination and sighting system for rail-equipped rifles.


MVF-515 Features

MVF-515™ Features

>> Instinctive Activation™

>> 200 Lumen LED White Light

>> 3 Modes: Momentary, Strobe, Constant-On

>> Master On/Off Switch

>> User Adjustable Windage and Elevation

>> Battery Life: 4 Hours (White Light), 48 Hours (Red), 6 Hours (Green)

>> Modular Replacement Laser Panel (Visible Red, Visible Green, Infrared)


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