Lasergrips Product Platform

IMMEDIATE. DECISIVE. ADVANTAGE.™ Lasergrips® remain the most decisive tactical advantage for handguns, changing the way gun owners approach personal protection. They offer what no other handgun accessory can: immediate targeting with a bright red or green laser beam when you hold your gun in a natural firing grip. This innovation, Instinctive Activation™, saves precious time when seconds count. Lasergrips are compatible with your favorite holster, feature a Master On/Off switch, provide 2 (green) to 4 (red) hours of battery life, are easily user-installed with zero modification to your firearm and are completely user-adjustable for windage and elevation.


Laserguard Pro Features

Lasergrips® Features

>> Instinctive Activation™

>> Master On/Off Switch

>> User Adjustable Windage and Elevation

>> Battery Life: 4 Hours (Red), 2 Hours (Green)


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