Laser Sights in the Real World

Every day, Crimson Trace laser sights are used to save lives, thwart danger, or simply provide a better feeling of personal security.  We know this to be true because we're told this by our loyal fans and customers.  Crimson Trace lasers are used daily in military conflicts overseas, by police agencies keeping our nation safe, and by law abiding citizens protecting themselves, their homes, and their loved ones.

We want to hear your stories.  If you have used a Crimson Trace laser to defend a life, in a military or police engagement, to de-escalate a dangerous situation, or that you simply feel safer with a laser-equipped firearm at your side.....we want to hear about it.

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"My partner and I had just started our PM shift when a robbery in progress call came out for the Rite-Aid in our area.  The location was about 4 miles away by freeway but due to rush traffic, we decided to take surface streets.  Nearing the location, another unit had already arrived and put out a broadcast with vehicle and suspect description.  We decided to jump on the freeway heading away from the location and see if we could pick up the suspects. 

As we merged onto the freeway we both saw a vehicle that matched the crime broadcast.  We ran the plate which came back stolen.  Traffic was bumper to bumper so we just held back awaiting additional units.  The suspects chose to exit the next off ramp just as two additional units joined us.  As the suspects made a right hand turn we executed a felony  stop with three, two man, Sheriff units side by side.  While giving commands on our PA, I was stunned to see how many laser dots were lighting up the suspects.  It looked like someone had thrown a handful of ladybugs inside of their car. 

It was evident that both suspects could see each other lit up with laser dots and they were very cooperative.  With suspects in custody, we recovered a loaded Beretta 92F with round in the chamber on the floorboard of the passenger side.  It turned out that with department authorization of your Crimson Trace Lasers, all six deputies had installed them on our duty weapons.  Things may have been very different had we had not proven to the suspects that they were well covered with substantial fire power."

Glen G., Camarillo, CA

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"Last night, I was the victim of road rage.  The guy was honking at me, flashing his brights, and tailing me.  I thought I could let him pass by...moving on to the shoulder, so I did.  He did not.  He boxed me in, and I couldn't go anywhere.  He got out of his truck cussing and yelling at me, carrying a tire iron. 

I told him to get back in his truck and leave, but he continued to come towards me.  I drew my weapon and pointed the laser at his chest.  I told him I would shoot if he got closer.  He looked down, ran back to his truck, and peeled out.  I didn't have to fire one round.  I believe if it had not been for your laser...I would have had to shoot the man.  Your product saved my life."

-- Daniel F., Desoto, MO

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"I am truly, truly grateful for your company and your product.  I purchased my GLOCK 30 several years ago to carry off-duty...shortly after, I bought a Crimson Trace laser sight to (go) with it.  I felt it truly important to equip my gun with this, because I have been in several shootings and I know the importance of shot placement.  Shot placement is often difficult during critical incidents for various factors, (including), adrenaline, lighting, moving targets, etc. 

On (date withheld), I was off-duty and walked in to a convenience store robbery being committed by a male with a gun.  My training kicked in and I ended up pursuing the robber.  We ran through an area with limited lighting.  The male was armed with a S&W 9mm - I was armed with my GLOCK 30 equipped with the Crimson Trace laser sight. 

Thanks to this addition to my GLOCK, I was able to take a well-placed shot that neutralized the threat.  Unfortunately, he died from his injuries, but I made it out of this situation alive, and no one else was injured.  I truly credit your company with bringing me out on the winning side of this encounter...thank you for saving my life and the lives of so many people."

-- J.J., Philadelphia, PA

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"I was attacked by a drunken neighbor...(who) spent two days putting up foul language signs in our yard in protest for calling the police on him for repeatedly threatening to 'kill me, kill my wife, kill my 12 year old daughter, then burn my house down'.  The neighbor was placing the signs on a metal pole he beat into the ground.  On the second day, after photographing the signs and taking them down all day, I told my daughter to go to bed to get up for Bible school first thing in the morning - and if she saw or heard anything, (to) come and get me. 

My child was not in bed 5 minutes when she came to tell me that 'someone is looking in my windows with a flashlight'.  I went outside to see if anything was out there...(standing) for about 5 minutes with my Surefire® light.  The neighbor came out across his yard with a sign, a roll of duct tape and a hammer...when he got caught by surprise with a bright light

He flew around the corner of the sign pole and said very loudly, 'You die tonight, then I'm going over your dead body to kill your wife and daughter then burn your house down'.  He swung the claw hammer at my head back and forth, backing me ...down the driveway.  I tried to get in the house but he swung the hammer til I felt it go through my hair.  I have a disabling hip condition that keeps me from moving extremely fast and could not get up the steps without the hammer connecting with my head, so I was backed into...my garage. 

I tried to talk him down while he continued to swing the...hammer at my head.  I punched him in the face and (struck) him with the Surefire light...my hip gave out and (we) both went down.  When he tried to get up, all I had left to protect myself and my family with was my SIG P229 on my side that I have a carry permit for.  I pulled it as a last resort and hit him in the head until he finally quit swinging the claw hammer at me. 

He had 3 choices: run away, stay down, or rush-attack me.  He sat up and tried to rush me until I activated the CTC Lasergrips® (on my SIG)...I am absolutely sure that piece of equipment saved my life.  Even with a loaded chamber, I showed restraint and did not need to fire as the laser deterred him.  He held his head and ran away (only to be) arrested for first degree assault and carried away by the police and EMS to have 18 staples put in his head."

-- Neil F., Barberton, IL 

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“A couple years back, my wife and I were driving home when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a white truck coming up quickly behind us.  I could see the driver was changing lanes and passing cars erratically when he came up directly behind me.  I was parallel to a car in the lane next to me, when the driver of the truck closed to a distance when all I could see is grill in my rear view mirror.  He began flashing his lights and revving his engine as he rode my tail and then he began to honk.  At this point, two thoughts crossed my mind: either this guy was in a hurry due to an emergency or it was road rage. As soon as I could get by the car next to me, I changed lanes and let him by.  The driver quickly sped past me and then cut within inches of the front of my car. 

At this point, I told my wife to call 911 on her cell phone while we continued.  I also cleared my shirt and seat belt from my weapon, a Smith & Wesson 1911 with a Crimson Trace Lasergrips, holstered on my right side. The driver sped past and about 150 yards in front of me and slammed his brakes, sliding the truck to a stop across both lanes in front of me.  I quick-stopped about 25 yards behind the truck, stopping traffic behind me.  I could see the driver gesturing and yelling out the window of his truck.  About this time the 911 dispatcher came on the line and my wife began to report the incident. 

The driver then stood on it, spinning the wheels and leaving smoke in his path.  We continued on our way, thinking at this point the incident had ended. When we arrived at a four-way intersection, the truck stopped in the turn lane at the corner.  As I arrived at the corner, I noted that I was basically trapped behind the truck and between a curb and light pole and vehicles next to and behind me. As I stopped we saw the driver swing open the door and jump out of the truck carrying something in his right hand.  He was well over 6 feet tall and big, and he was moving towards my car very quickly, yelling, screaming and shaking whatever it was in his hand. 

My wife was reporting this to 911, and reporting that we were trapped with no way out.  As the driver approached my car he raised his right hand, looking like he was going to take a swing at my driver's side window, at which point I drew my weapon from my holster and as I cleared the steering wheel, turning towards my window I partially extended, engaged the Crimson Trace laser sight and placed the bright red dot center mass at about 6 feet from my window. 

My wife was yelling at the 911 dispatcher that the driver was attacking our car and that I had a weapon drawn on the driver.  At this point the driver, came to an abrupt stop, and began yelling, ‘Look! He's pointing a gun at me’, as he quickly backed away from my car.  I exited my vehicle with my weapon maintained on the driver until he got into his truck and sped off.

The 911 dispatch call changed from a report of a dangerous driver to and road rage incident with a gun involved.  I took the phone from my wife and continued to report the situation to 911 dispatch when we arrived almost together at the intersection at my housing tract.  I noticed a Utah County Sheriff's deputy also turning into the tract.  I flashed my lights and honked to get his attention and we pulled into a gas station on the corner.  The Deputy approached my car, and I informed him that I was armed and had just reported the incident. 

As I was discussing the incident with the deputy, I noticed the truck at the other end of the parking lot with several local city patrol units around it.  The driver had exited his vehicle and was yelling and screaming and pointing at me.  As soon as I had informed the deputy of the incident, the deputy also received almost identical statement from the other police officers on scene.  The driver admitted to doing exactly I had reported. 

The deputy told me, that if he and his wife were in the same situation, he probably would have shot the driver, fearing for the safety of his wife and himself. I told him that had I not had the Crimson Trace laser, I would have probably had to shoot. But that the driver looked down and saw the red dot on his chest and he stopped immediately.  The Local Police cited the driver for road rage, dangerous driving and attempted assault.

The Local Officer and Deputy told me I showed great restraint, and also all the LEO's on scene wanted to see my Crimson Trace-equipped S&W 1911.  Since this incident, I have run into a couple of these LEO's and was told that they purchased Crimson Trace Lasers immediately after the incident for their personal carry weapons and even one for a spouse.

I feel that had I not had the Crimson Trace laser on my 1911, things would have been different, and I would have been forced into discharging my weapon in defense.  When asked about the incident, the driver stated that he was having a bad day and that I just happened to be in his way.  The Sheriff's Deputy told him, that his bad day almost cost him his life.”

-- David S., Utah 

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* By submitting your story, you give Crimson Trace Corporation the right to publish and/or edit for space/content.  Upon request, names, locations, and dates will not be disclosed.  You may be contacted by CTC for clarification, validation, and/or permissions prior to publishing.

Crimson Trace understands that firearms and their use in self-defense situations is a very serious matter.  Purchasing a gun and related accessories, including laser sights, is not a substitution for training, weapon proficiency, gun safety, and common sense. 

Additionally, it is imperative to understand and abide by your local firearms' laws, carry permit regulations, and adhere to ALL use of deadly force laws for your state.  As a gun owner, and responsible citizen, the use (whether actual, or implied) of a firearm in self-defense situations will have legal, moral, and civic implications.  It is your responsibility to understand your rights, maintain necessary skills, have knowledge of local laws, and to act in accordance with said laws at all times. 

For more information on firearms training, gun safety and related resources, please visit the
National Rifle Association.  For information on state-by-state firearms laws, including the use of deadly force, please visit the NRA-ILA.  For information on concealed carry, CCW state laws, and permit reciprocity, please visit USA Carry.

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