The Impact of Responsible Armed Citizens

It's estimated that as many as one million crimes are prevented each year because of armed citizens.  Most of these crimes are prevented without a shot being fired.  The mere presence of a firearm was enough to encourage the criminal to change their mind.  Unfortunately, not all attackers give up without a fight.  Maybe they're unaware that their prey has a gun, or maybe they figure their intended victim won't actually shoot.  Most likely of all, they presume their prey is incompetent and unlikely to hit anything.

Remember these facts about the aftermath of a shooting: Whether justifiable or not, your life will change forever.  Your guns will be seized.  The police will write you up in their reports.  You will be sued in a civil court and possibly in criminal court.  Again, your life will change forever, and the incident will add a huge emotional toll on you and your loved ones.  Unquestionably, the BEST outcome is for the criminal to flee in fear of his own life without shots being fired.

So how can you increase the odds that the attacker will give up before you shoot?  Use a laser sight.  Uncooperative criminals have been shown to comply better with a potential victim armed with a laser-equipped gun than a non-laser-quipped gun.

Will a laser-equipped gun end an attack every time it is used?  Absolutely not.  But it is a non-lethal tool that has been proven to increase your odds of success - and survival.


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