Unconventional Shooting Positions

Accurately sighting a handgun while lying prone or positioned behind cover can be very difficult, even for highly trained shooters.  The eyes and the gun's sights just don't align very well when the shooter isn't standing up.  Laser sights overcome this challenge and are the best tool ever developed for maintaining accurate sighting from awkward positions.

How do laser sights help?  Whether with a Lasergrips®-equipped Blue Gun™, or a positively inoperable training gun, Crimson Trace laser sights give your students an opportunity to practice orienting their guns towards targets from any conceivable position.  The translation to real life applications is simple.  Laser sights allow your students to have confidence that they can accurately sight their gun from the ground, behind a door jam or car door, or any other real-life cover position.

A law enforcement officer once told us, "I've been in two shootings.  I've been shot in both of them, and I returned fire in both of them.  In neither one was I standing up...I don't even know why we bother to train standing up!"  Though his experience might be more than most of your students would ever encounter, the lesson still applies.  Shooting from a standing platform, squared to the target, is the furthest thing from the reality of most personal defense shooting scenarios.


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