Advanced Laser Training Techniques

Part 2 of this series covers advanced defensive training.  It may not fall within the scope of your credentials, abilities, and/or the NRA program you teach.  Use it as appropriate.

Once a student is skilled and competent in basic firearms use and safety, instructors can move into more advanced training and scenarios, such as marksmanship or defensive tactics.  Crimson Trace laser sights can easily be incorporated into advanced shooting drills and scenarios to demonstrate the laser's unique advantages as a tactical firearms enhancement.

Trainers know that developing consistent shooting results involves imparting an instinctive "muscle memory" that develops through repetition of sound shooting techniques.  Using laser sights in training accelerates the development of muscle memory by visually correlating the "feel" of the firearm's position with the actual point-of-aim.  No other training tool can do this.  Once established, muscle memory transitions easily to training with traditional sights or with the laser turned off.


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