Lasers for Learning Trigger Control

Without question, one of the most critical techniques in achieving consistent shooting results is proper trigger control.  Although trainers continue to repeat words, "smooth, steady trigger press" repeatedly, students are often confused about what is happening with their trigger pull and why they may not be correcting poor technique.  Crimson Trace laser sights are hands-down the fastest and most effective tool for diagnosing and correcting trigger control issues.

The obvious advantage of using Crimson Trace laser sights is that they put a visibile dot on the target to clearly show students and trainers the impact of every improper movement during the shooting process.  The visual impact shows students their errors in real time and allows them to self-correct.

Dry firing while holding the dot on the target is a very effective training technique.  Once students have demonstrated that they can perform dry-fire drills with the laser staying steady, they are ready for live fire.  Firing with the laser on, then firing with the laser off, will immediately demonstrate whether a student has retained proper trigger control technique.  If a student regresses, unloading the gun and going through further dry-fire sessions and trigger control drills will reinforce the right habits.


NRA Instructors

If you're an NRA Certified Instructor, we offer exclusive product discounts on Crimson Trace laser sights.

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