Training Basics Using Laser Sights

Shooting, like many other disciplines, is best learned as a process.  By embedding proper physical skills through repetition and hands-on practice, your students will become better at the process.  Crimson Trace laser sights support this learning by providing immediate visual feedback on how well the student is executing a given technique.

The conflict is this: learning the process is the ultimate goal, but bullet  placement on the target is how the student is evaluated.  It's easy to focus on the result - holes in the target - instead of the process that created them.  Furthermore, these holes are often created under a stressful firing range environment, where students experience doubt, peer pressure and anxiety.

How does training with a laser help?  Unlike simply observing the student and looking at holes in a target to evaluate skill, the laser vividly illustrates the complete picture of gun handling and technique from start to finish.  Think of the laser as showing the coach and student a movie with all of the details filled in (process), rather than just a snapshot (results...holes in the target).  The most important habits and behaviors of the shooter, from safety and presenting the firearm, through shooting and following through after firing a round, are visible, recordable and available as a teaching tool.  Use the laser with an empty gun to diagnose bad habits and impart new, correct ones.

Probably the most significant training assistance Crimson Trace laser sights provide is diagnosing and correcting two critical skills: trigger control and sight picture.  If you come away with one thing, it's that laser sights will positively become your go-to tactic for diagnosing and correcting trigger control and sight picture techniques.  There is simply no better tool available.


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