NRA Instructor Program

It's a fact that the best trainers continually strive to improve their teaching techniques and utilize the latest tools and approaches to increase their students' shooting proficiency. Firearms instructors are finding that Crimson Trace® laser sights are an extremely useful tool for handgun training. Laser sights offer unique advantages for trainers and students that can help achieve superior training results much faster and more effectively than any other tool by providing immediate visual feedback on how well the student is executing a given technique.

Crimson Trace Corporation is a proud supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and it's Certified Instructors. In fact, we are a "100% Supporter", as every Crimson Trace employee is an NRA member. If you're an NRA Certified Instructor interested in purchasing Crimson Trace products, please call: 1-800-442-2406.*

 * NRA Instructor prices are approximately 40% off MSRP and subject to change.  Must provide copy of current NRA Instructor ID card when placing order.  Limit three (3) Crimson Trace products per NRA Instructor per year.  See information sheet (above) for complete details.

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