True marksmanship is a perishable skill.  The only way to become proficient is to shoot – and shoot a lot.  That means range time.  That means ammo and lots of it.  Crimson Trace laser sights can augment that training.  Save your ammo.  Build your confidence.  Prepare you for that split second that you hope will never come.

If you think that this is the part where we tell you to forget about your open sights and only use a laser, you’d be mistaken.  The truth is, if you carry a laser sight, it’s best to cross-train with your sights as well as your laser – maintaining proficiency with both.  It is worth noting, however, that a lack of training time can be offset by the performance characteristics of Lasergrips®.


6 Ways Laser Sights Enhance Your Training

1. Faster Training Results

Laser sights offer unique advantages for instructors and students alike, making the training process faster and more productive, as the laser beam provides better clarity.  This allows instructors to more effectively make their points visible, and students can see their progress in “real time”.

2. Enhanced Trigger Control

Probably the most significant advantage of training with a Crimson Trace laser.  From the point-of-view of the instructor, lasers are great for diagnosing and correcting trigger control issues.  The visible red dot clearly shows students and trainers the consequences of each and every improper movement – as well as the immediate positive reinforcement of self-correction.

3. Simplifying Sight Alignment

An often underrated benefit of training with a laser sight is proficiency in the concept of “sight picture’.  Crimson Trace laser sights show precisely where the muzzle is aimed – and exactly the path that the bullet will travel.  A simple exercise to demonstrate that point: Student presents pistol, raises it to eye level, and attempts to establish a sight picture.  Instructor places a finger over the laser diode, blocking the beam.  When the student feels he or she has a sight picture, instructor removes their finger.  If the laser is off target, sight picture is incorrect.

4. Developing Confidence

For a shooter, few things are more frustrating than missing the target, repeatedly.  Conversely, few things are more gratifying than knowing you’re “on it”.  Round after round.  Crimson Trace laser sights provide an instant “pat on the back” by rewarding your training, immediately, developing the confidence needed for proficiency with your weapon.

5. Mastering the Machine

Guns are machines.  Complete with springs and levers and mechanisms.  They are a tool.  The gun owner on the other end is a human being.  Complete with sensation and perception characteristics that involve muscles, nerves and neural function.  Laser sights assist that human being in becoming more proficient with the “machine” by relating closely to the way the human body functions – by instinct, through muscle memory. 


I began using Crimson Trace lasers as a SWAT officer in the 90's. I only used tools I could bet my life on. Now I work closely with Crimson Trace to develop classes to train others about the benefits and advantages of their superior products.

Dave Starin, Training Director, Gunsite Academy, Inc.

6. Dry Firing for Perfection

Though this concept applies more for advanced shooters, novices can still see a tremendous benefit.  “Dry firing” is just that.  Completing the trigger pull sans the ammo, with the action “dry”.  Noting all firearm safety rules while training, shooters can learn sophisticated tactics such as lasering from awkward positions, around corners or “periscoping” over the top of obstacles.  Dry firing helps to develop that much needed trigger feel for accurate shot placement and overall skill with your gun.

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