Laser Myths Busted


I Trust My Fixed Sights

Laser sights are not designed or intented to be a replacement for pistol sights. Our products provide quick, clear sighting during threat-focused shooting, in unconventional shooting positions or in low light conditions where your fixed sights are not visible.


Green Lasers Are Better Than Red Lasers

Red and green lasers are both highly visible in low light conditions. Crimson Trace laser sights - red or green - feature the brightest visible laser beam allowed by law (Class 3R) and operate at the same peak power output (5mW). However, the human eye detects the color green better than any other color in the light spectrum. For that reason, green lasers appear brighter in ambient light conditions than red lasers.


The Beam Will Give Away My Position

The Second Rule of firearm safety states, "Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy." If your firearm is downrange, you are already in a gunfight. Though laser discipline is encouraged - and can be trained - your threat's ability to identify your position is irrelevant when compared to your ability to immediately engage that target with your firearm in multiple lighting conditions with assistance of a laser sight.


I Can't Find a Compatible Holster

Crimson Trace works with numerous top holster manufacturers to ensure that quality custom holsters are readily available in the market. We stock holsters from top brands including: Blade-Tech®, Crossbreed®, DeSantis®, Galco®, Mitch Rosen® and more. Additionally, we offer an invaluable Holster Resource Guide (found HERE) which lists laser-compatible holsters separated by gun make/model and laser model from more than 25 top holster brands.


I Want a More Powerful Light

Crimson Trace tactical weapon lights are specifically engineered to cast a wide, powerful beam* and work in tandem with laser sights. This allows you to properly identify your target - and engage if necessary - without overpowering your field of vision in a low light personal defense situation. When used in tandem with Crimson Trace laser sights, our tactical weapon lights offer the ultimate in illumination and targeting advantages.


If I Remove My Laser It Will Have To Be Resighted

Though all Crimson Trace laser sights are fully adjustable for windage and elevation, our sighting hardware is designed retain the same sighting configuration when removed for maintenance and reinstalled on the same firearm. Your laser sight will not have to be re-sighted if removed and re-installed.


The Laser Will Fail Me

Crimson Trace laser sights are a user-installed accessory and do not interfere with the function of any firearm. Each product to subjected to exhaustive user testing, enduring thousands of rounds on our rest range under a myriad of conditions before they leave the factory. Each product is designed to provide the utmost in quality, durability and reliability.


I Can't Turn The Laser Off When I Don't Want It

Most Crimson Trace products include a Master On/Off Switch. For models without a Master On/Off Switch, ease of installation allows you to quickly remove your unit - while retaining zero - for training without the laser sight. We recommend training with and without your laser sight for dual proficiency between both sighting tools.


Turning Off The Laser Will Save My Batteries

Your Crimson Trace laser sight or tactical light will not draw power unless it is activated. Leaving your laser sight or tactical weapon light in the "on" or "ready to activate" position will not drain your batteries†. Our batteries have a standard five (5) year shelf life and are designed to be ready when you need them.


The Laser Beam Isn't Lined Up With My Barrel

Crimson Trace laser sights are user-adjustable for windage and elevation. Each Crimson Trace laser is factory sighted at 50 feet on the firearm it is designed to fit‡. At 50 feet, the firearm's Point-of-Aim (POA) is within one inch of Point-of-Impact (POI) for any distance between point blank and 50 feet. Due to full user adjustability, you may choose the best sighting alignment for your firearm, your choice of ammunition, and your preferred distance.


I'm Not a Gunsmith

You won't have to. Crimson Trace products install in moments with zero modifications to your firearm§. We include all of the necessary mounting hardware, installation manual, a library of online instructional videos and the best personal Customer Service in the firearm industry for ease of installation.


* Tactical Light Specs: Laserguard® Pro™ 150 Lumens, LiNQ™ 300 Lumens, Lightguard™ 100/130 Lumens, MVF-515™ 150/200 Lumens, Rail Master® 100 Lumens, Rail Master® Pro™ 100 Lumens.


† For LiNQ™ models with "sleep mode", please consult Product Manual for complete information.


‡ Universal Fit Products including: LiNQ™, Rail Master® and Rail Master® Pro™ feature "parallel sighting and can be configured to the firearm of your choice. 


§ 1911 pistols with ambidextrous safeties will require a shortened right side lever for clearance with Lasergrips®. Gunsmith installation is highly recommened. Master Series™ Lasergrips® feature a shortened right side laser diode and will fit with ambidextrous safeties. Additionally, select models with extended slide stops may require a standard slide stop to accomodate Crimson Trace products.

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