noun \ ˈmith \
A widely held but false belief or idea.

Laser myths. After nearly 25 years, we've most likely heard them all. Whether it involves the failure of the laser system itself, incorrect ideas about training, or lasers being replacements for iron sights, (they're not), there is plenty of false information about lasers available online, in-store, or on the range. You may have heard a few yourself. We've collected a list of 15 of the most common laser myths that we've heard.


"I trust my sights. The laser will be a crutch."


Laser sights are not designed or intended to be a replacement for your iron sights. Laser sights provide quick, clear sighting during threat-focused shooting, in unconventional positions, and in low-light conditions where iron sights are not visible or applicable. A laser sight is essentially a downrange projection of where your pistol sights are already aligned.


"The beam will give away my position."


The Second Rule of firearm safety states: “Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.” If your muzzle is downrange, you are already in a gunfight. Though laser (and/or light) discipline is encouraged - and should be trained - your threat’s ability to identify your position is less relevant when compared to your ability to immediately engage that target, regardless of lighting conditions, with a laser sight.


"The laser will fail when I need it most."


Crimson Trace laser sights are a user-installed accessory and do not interfere with the function of any firearm. Each product line is subjected to exhaustive user testing, enduring thousands of rounds on our test range under a myriad of conditions before they leave the factory. Each product is designed to provide the utmost in quality, durability and reliability.


"The laser will lose zero under recoil."

Laser Myth 4


Based on Crimson Trace’s legendary product testing protocol, our lasers are designed to maintain zero under intense strings of fire. No product with the Crimson Trace name on it will end up in a box, in a store, on a firearm, or in your gun safe unless it meets all of our stringent standards for quality and durability. Our testing range has the spent brass to prove it.


"The laser beam is not lined up with the barrel."

Laser Myth 5


Crimson Trace laser sights are user-adjustable for windage and elevation. Most Crimson Trace laser sights are factory sighted at 50 feet on the firearm they are designed to fit. At 50 feet, the firearm's Point-of-Aim (POA) is within one half inch of Point-of-Impact (POI) for any distance between point blank and 50 feet. Due to full user adjustability, you may choose the best sighting alignment for your firearm, your choice of ammunition, and your preferred distance.


"Green lasers are more powerful than red lasers."


Red and green lasers are both highly visible in low light conditions. Crimson Trace laser sights - red or green - feature the brightest visible laser beam allowed by law (Class 3R) and operate at the same peak power output (5mW). However, the human eye detects the color green better than any other color in the light spectrum. For that reason, green lasers appear brighter in ambient light conditions.


"I can't turn the laser off when I don't want it."

Laser Myth 7


Most Crimson Trace products include a Master On/Off Switch. For models without a Master On/Off Switch, ease of installation allows you to quickly remove your unit - while retaining zero - for training without the laser sight. We strongly recommend training with and without your laser sight for dual proficiency between both sighting systems.


"Turning off the laser will save my batteries."

Laser Myth 8


It is not necessary to turn off your laser sight via the Master On/Off switch. Your Crimson Trace laser sight or tactical light will not draw power unless it is activated. Leaving your laser sight or tactical weapon light in the "on" or "ready to activate" position will not drain your batteries. Our batteries have a standard five (5) year shelf life and are designed to be ready when you need them.


"If I remove my laser it will have to be re-sighted."

Laser Myth 9


Incorrect. All Crimson Trace laser sights are fully user-adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing the user to fine tune their sighting system based on their personal preferences. Product installation or removal - even regularly - will not affect the zero and your laser will maintain it’s sighting standard until readjusted.


"Looking for the laser dot will slow me down."


Laser sights were not designed to be a replacement for iron sights or for proper shooting fundamentals. Looking "over your sights”, especially in lighter conditions, may cause you to “chase” your dot. When acquiring a sight picture with your pistol sights, your laser will be there. It may be behind, on top of, or to the side your front sight depending on your sighting-in method. In conditions that dictate speed and precision in adverse conditions, a laser sight - as part of your entire system - is a distinct advantage.


"The laser dot is moving around too much to be accurate."


A laser sight is simply a downrange projection of what your muzzle is already doing. Count on the dot moving. It is a precision instrument and living, breathing, human beings are not. The laser dot will replicate the trajectory of your firearm, the direction of your muzzle, and offer a true reflection of what your trigger press fundamentals are…or aren’t.


"I don't need to train. I can't miss with a laser."


You do need to train. You can still miss with a laser. Although a laser sight can help new shooters develop fundamentals and can assist experienced shooters maintain their skills - a laser is still a firearm-mounted sighting system. Marksmanship is a perishable skill and you should train regularly with and without a laser to maintain your skillset.


"I can see the dot way out there. That's my effective range."


A laser - or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation - is an optical device that produces a monochromatic beam of coherent light. What? Essentially, a laser beam is a very powerful, focused beam of light. It will project a straight line from it’s diode. Your firearm and the projectiles it dispenses don’t necessarily follow that straight path due to ballistics and additional forces - not counting parallax between laser and your muzzle. What is your effective range with a laser? Hit the range and find out.


"I can't find a compatible holster."

Laser Myth 14


Crimson Trace works with numerous top holster manufacturers to ensure that quality custom holsters are readily available in the marketplace. We engage holster companies as part of our product development protocol to ensure that holsters are available when new products launch. Additionally, we offer a Holster Resource Guide which lists Crimson Trace-compatible holsters by gun make and model from many of the premier holster brands in the industry. 


"I'm not a gunsmith. I don't want to alter my gun."

Laser Myth 15


You won't have to. Crimson Trace products install in moments with zero modifications to your firearm. With each product, we include all of the necessary mounting hardware and installation manuals. If additional assistance is required, we offer a library of online instructional videos and are proud to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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