5 Reasons You Need a Laser for Concealed Carry

Crimson Trace® laser sights are an unmatched enhancement for concealed carry pistols and revolvers. As the "EDC" (Every Day Carry) revolution continues, thousands of responsible citizens are choosing to outfit their CCW with laser sights. Crimson Trace lasers, with Instinctive Activation™, provide an immediate, decisive, advantage in times of crisis. They provide more effective low light sighting, improved overall accuracy, quick targeting capabilities, the ability to stay on target in motion or while working to cover, and they can possibly even de-escalate a potentially deadly encounter.


1 Low Light Sighting

Low Light Sighting


There’s a good chance that if you ever have to deploy a concealed carry firearm, it will be in a low light environment. You could be forced to make the most important shot of your life, just when your pistol sights are fading into the twilight, or are completely invisible. It’s this scenario where Crimson Trace® laser sights earn their keep. By allowing you to paint your target clearly in diminished lighting conditions, you have an immediate advantage when faced with a potentially deadly encounter. Most Crimson Trace lasers feature our unmatched Instinctive Activation™, which allows the laser to be activated when you grip your pistol or revolver in a natural firing grip. It’s why we say, “If you’re holding it, you’re aiming it."


2 Improved Accuracy

Improved Accuracy


Carry pistols and revolvers are defensive firearms. Many are subcompact or are “snubbies" and can be difficult to aim beyond a few yards. Many lack sufficient iron sights. Many can also exhibit accuracy-diminishing recoil. Enter Crimson Trace laser sights. Our products dramatically extend the effective range of your CCW by projecting your point-of-aim onto the target with a bright red or green dot. If faced with the most critical of split second decisions, you’re best served with every advantage you can get. An edge in accuracy is the most important advantage you need, as every round down range is your responsibility and yours alone.


3 Quick Targeting

Quick Targeting


In almost any physical endeavor, especially those where stress levels are high: Speed wins. Additionally, human physiology tells us that in a dangerous situation you will be looking at what is threatening you. Chances are, you won’t be looking at your front sight. Placing a highly visible mark on your threat, showing you exactly where your bullet will land, will increase your decision-making speed dramatically. Your threat has the offensive advantage of deciding when and how to attack - equalize that with the defensive advantage of a Crimson Trace laser sight. Our products allow you to get - and stay - on target in the most stressful of situations.


4 Motion and Cover

Motion & Cover


Gunfight participants will most likely not be standing still, like targets at the range. Chances are, the threat will be moving - especially if they are intent on doing you harm. In fact, there is a high likelihood that there will be more than one threat. You will probably be moving as well to create the advantage of distance and to utilize cover. Crimson Trace laser sights can enhance speed and accuracy during movement and when engaging moving targets. Plus, you can engage your target from behind cover when you don’t have the opportunity to acquire a traditional sight picture. The laser can find its target from any position.


5 Threat De-Escalation

Threat De-Escalation


At Crimson Trace, we receive letters and emails regularly from customers who have utilized a Crimson Trace laser sight to save their life or the lives of ones they love. We hear just as much that their laser sight also saved the life of someone who wished them harm. We’ve said it for years: “Crimson Trace Lasers Help Bad Guys Make Informed Decisions”. A bright red or green laser dot on the chest of an aggressor can immediately and decisively end a potentially deadly encounter without shots fired. Laser dots provide an immediate message of warning that is translated in any language or any lighting condition: “There is a bullet behind the dot."

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