Crimson Trace laser sights are factory-sighted to approximate point-of-impact at 50 feet.  Unlike most other brands of laser sights, they are fully adjustable (if needed), by turning the tiny windage (side) and elevation (top) screws with the small hex wrenches provided in your box.

A good starting point is to establish your normal sight picture and align the laser dot with the open sights – this may be all the adjustment needed.  NOTE: “Sight picture” refers to evenly aligning the notch in your rear sights with the post in your front sight in a level, straight line.)

For further fine tuning on the shooting range, fire a few rounds at the target.  After noting where the bullets are striking, you can then adjust the laser to the actual point-of-impact.  For example, if the laser is pointing at the center of the target, but the bullets are impacting low and right, move the laser down and to the right.  Please see the video on this page for further detailed instructions.


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