LTG-760 Lightguard™ for Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size

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Weapon-Mounted Tactical Light for Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size Pistols

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Weapon-Mounted Tactical Light for Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size Pistols
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Tactical Light for Smith & Wesson M&PTactical Light for Smith & Wesson M&P
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Tactical Light for Smith & Wesson M&P LTG-760 Lightguard™ for Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size LTG-760 Lightguard™ for Smith & Wesson M&P Full-Size
The Crimson Trace Lightguard™ for Smith & Wesson M&P features a highly compact and slim design specifically for ease of holstering. Its 100 lumen tactical white light seamlessly attaches to your defensive pistol, much like Crimson Trace’s Laserguard®. Compatible with the LG-660 laser sight, Lightguard also uses the same instinctive activation that Crimson Trace laser sights are famous for. Lightguard removes the need for a flashlight separate from the pistol – giving you a free hand. Both of these low-light tools can be operated separately or simultaneously with a single hand.
Platform Lightguard™
Attachment Trigger Guard
Activation Location Front Activation
Material Polymer
Installation User Installed
Light Battery Life 2 Hours
Battery Type One CR2 Lithium Battery
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Light Output 100 Lumen LED White Light
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Light Specs 100 Lumen LED
  1. not so good! Review by jai

    This product looks good, yes. The light is bright, yes. But it is not sturdy, I ordered one, had to send it back in for another one and now I'm sending this one back in. Simply because it falls apart upon firing the weapon, it doesn't hold together. Both lightgaurds I got did the same thing. Not sure if the people above had the same problem or maybe they never took their gun to the range to test the light itself. Makes a good flash light though, that's it. (Posted on 1/30/15)

  2. lightguard for M&P9 compact Review by moducks

    For anyone wanting a light guard to mount on their M&P 9c, the full size lightguard fits the compact model perfectly, it just sticks out a little bit on the barrel end. 2 I have carried mine in a crossbreed holster for several years, the crossbreed also fits full sized M&P's. I farm every day and carry it all day. I have knocked it around a lot, and have never had any problems.
    I have had more problems with knocking the laser off target on many of my guns, but never a problem with the full sized light on the compact gun.. LOL, I even use it as a light at times if I don't have a flashlight when working. I also have the crimson trace laser and tritium sights. (Posted on 11/27/14)

  3. Slim, trim, effective. Review by Doc Ellwood

    I bought the CTC Lightguard with the slide holster for my full size M&P last year. I had already installed the CTC laser grip. This is the complete package, whether carrying or for home defense. It goes from my hip to my nightstand. The holster holds the M&P securely. I have a rail mounted light on another M&P, and it feels pretty cumbersome now, and I never carry it.
    I have been bugging CTC for the same setup for my Shield - minus the laser as the grips are not removeable on the Shield. They tell me they'll have the light and slide holster to fit this Fall. Soon as they do, it's mine! (Posted on 11/5/12)

  4. lovin' it. Review by doc/ellwood

    The liightguard and holster combo are the ideal set up for both carry and home use. The crossbreed holster fits my M&P, with the light, like a glove. I'll get the same setup for my Shield as soon as it's available. (Posted on 9/3/12)

  5. This is an awesome addition to my M&P. Review by JB, Raleigh, NC

    I love having this light on my M&P! It went on easily. It is extremely bright for such a little light. The button to activate the light is so perfectly flush mounted, it doesn't interfere at all when griping my gun. It is great for checking out things that go "bump" in the night! (Posted on 6/1/12)

  6. Great Product...however Review by Rolls

    Love it, however CTC needs to add a laser to the light guard. The reason I bought a M&P over a Glock is it fits my hand better, but adding the laser grip make the grip too fat (like a Glock). I still shoot it and love it, but I would really love to buy a laser/light combo. (Posted on 2/17/12)

  7. Excellent Review by Randy

    I purchased this for my M&P9. Found that it fit my M&P45c as well. great idea, love the smaller profile than the Streamlight TLR-1. Just hope that more concealment holsters are available soon. (Posted on 1/28/12)

  8. Christmas Present for 2011 - great item and very easy to isntall on my S&W .40 caliber M&P Review by Skip

    Great product. I first saw the Lightguard at THe NRA national meeting in Pittsburgh last April 2011. I soon after started to check into when it would bwe available for purchase. I ordered one in late October/early November of last year and got it on 12/23. Installed it on my gun Christmas morning, Work very well. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  9. Excellent product Review by Killy

    Most excellent product, and quite unique in today's market of weapon mounted lights. Because the light doesn't extend past the muzzle, I don't have to worry about cleaning the lens nearly as much from dirt ejected by muzzle blasts.

    I REALLY wish a similar product is in the work for M&Pc models. Right now carrying a compact IWB and trying to have a light mounted is a huge pain. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  10. wished it had slimmer profile Review by GunsofMassEffect

    its a nice idea but I look @ the asthetics. I wished it was a little slimmer coming off the trigger guard . I know you have to allow for the innards, but even slimmer would translate into a higher cost I would assume. But all in all great Idea and wished it was brighter I am in law enforcement and use the M&P Fullsize 9mm and the compact 9mm for off duty carry. would love to see one for the compact. (Posted on 12/19/11)

  11. combo light&laser for compact M&P Review by penguin

    An option like a light/laser combo for M&P compact would be nice.
    Penguin (Posted on 12/17/11)

  12. Perfect! Review by AAP4129

    Works fantastic, lights up an entire room with 100 lumens light, mounts easily and securely - works perfect like every CT product I have ever owned - what's not to like ? (Posted on 12/16/11)

  13. Lightguard for carry pistols Review by mike benedict

    I use Crimson Trace Lightguards on most of my carry pistols.
    It is a great product
    I have spent a lot of time testing sights in low light environments, nothing beats a laser and Crimson Trace is the only one I will use.

    Mike Benedict (Posted on 12/12/11)

  14. great Review by scott

    Wow -- like this option ! must have ! (Posted on 12/12/11)

  15. BEST IDEA EVER!! Review by smasherofall

    I love this light on my M&P 9mm, much nicer than the bulky light I had previously. (Posted on 12/11/11)

  16. If you can do a Lightguard, why not a Laserguard for the M&P? Review by Bklynboy

    Love your Laserguard on My Kahr, but as a Lefty, you do not have a viable solution for the M&P. I know you don't want to cannibalize your M&P Lasergrip sales, so how about a combo laser/light guard??? (Posted on 12/10/11)

  17. I Love the LightGuard Review by Bob

    I received the LightGuard for my S&W M&P 9 yesterday. It was simple to put on and the instructions were very clear. It works great and I love the small profile. It looks like it is part of the pistol. I ordered a holster for it and plan on using it for concealed carry as well as my nightstand weapon. (Posted on 12/7/11)

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