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LG-404 Front Activation Lasergrips® for 1911 Compact

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Availability: In stock

Laser Sight for 1911 Compact Pistols

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Laser Sight for 1911 Compact Pistols
4.8  |  15 reviews
LG-404 Lasergrips | 1911 Compact LG-404 Lasergrips | 1911 Compact
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LG-404 Lasergrips | 1911 Compact Laser Sight for 1911 compact | LG-404 LG-404 Front Activation Lasergrips® for 1911 Compact

The flagship LG-404 is our most popular 1911 laser sight model for Officer’s, Compact and Defender variants. Featuring rugged polymer side panels and a rubber-overmold activation button, these are the recommended Lasergrips® for most 1911 shooters. Standard to Crimson Trace® Lasergrips, the LG-404 features instinctive activation. This means that the laser sight automatically springs to life when the weapon is held in a natural firing grip.


Product Type Lasergrips®
Material Polymer
Attachment Grip Replacement
Activation Location Front Activation
Sighting Factory Sighted at 50'
Master On/Off Switch Yes
Battery Type Two #2032 Lithium Batteries
Laser Battery Life Over Four Hours
Laser Output 5mW Red Laser
Activation Mode Pressure Activated
Laser Visibility Approx .5 Inch Diameter at 50 Feet
Wrench Size 0.028
User Adjustable Windage and Elevation
Finish Polymer Grip with Rubber Overmold Activation Pad
Installation User Installed
Warranty Three Year Full Warranty
Color Black
Dot Size Approx. 0.50" at 50'


  2. 2nd pair shorted out again Review by Bubba

    I am on my second pair of these. Each pair has shorted out at the light itself. First pair was covered by the warranty, and I received a refurbished pair in April 2014. Now this pair has failed the same way and Crimson Trace won't cover this pair. They should find a better way to seal the actuator button on the front of the grip! I am not happy with the company needless to say! (Posted on 8/2/16)

  3. Outstanding Review by Big Steve

    I have had this laser grip on my Kimber Ultra carry ll for 3 years and it has performed outstandingly! Each person that has held it wants one. Even an officer during a license check couldn't help but activate it to see what it was like and he was smiling like a kid at Christmas time. It is worth it, not just for the WOW factor but for its functionality. Acquiring targets from the hip is made easy. On the website now to get more for my other pistols. Just wish they could come down on the prices however you do pay for quality. And quality it is! (Posted on 10/16/15)

  4. Definitely a must have accessory Review by Archie

    Installed on my Citadel Compact 1911 excellent fit and easy to install, great fit, it is a well designed accessory for any compact 1911. (Posted on 2/15/14)

  5. wonderful Review by Jeff

    easy to install and use...by far the best 1911 laser! (Posted on 12/30/13)

  6. great Review by ron jones

    I just purchase a set of crimson trace for a 1911 colt and i luv them straith out of the box they shot perfect and i plan on recommending them to my freinds thanks b (Posted on 11/17/13)

  7. A must have option! Review by KENNETH

    The LG-404 I have on my Officers Model is great. The Sight was right on no adjustment needed after installation. I hope to never need this for protection but feel secure in the fact that it will increase the odds in my favor. Great fit and function on the compact 1911. (Posted on 12/25/12)

  8. Regret waiting so long Review by Michiel

    I've waited years to buy a laser sight. My logic being that once I owned one, I'd become lazy, and my mechanics would suffer when I shoot another gun.
    I finally broke down and bought one-this one, in fact, for my Colt Defender, although I rationalized it as buying it for the wife.
    I realize now my ignorance and went out and bought another one for my wife's XD.
    The grip fit is excellent, and the activation is instinctual-there's no thought process to making it work. I played with it a bit in the house, then took it outside to the range to persecute some post Halloween pumpkins. In the mid-day sun, against the orange of the pumpkin at 25 yards, the dot was a bit hard to find. I wasn't disappointed though-I thought that was asking a lot.
    Point of aim and impact were right on, needing no adjustment.
    I was so amazed and happy with the grips, I went out and promptly bought a set for the wife, then trained my teen aged girls on both pistols.
    I'm a believer now... (Posted on 11/22/12)

  9. Simply amazing Review by Frank

    I could not be happier! Installed a pair on my Kimber ultra and I can not see myself carrying a self defense weapon without a Crimson Trace again.

    This model was easy to install felt good in the hand.

    If you're on the fence about buying it, I would wager you wouldn't regret it. One of the best items you'll ever add to improve your firearm. (Posted on 7/14/12)

  10. Outstanding addition to my weapon Review by Dave

    These are my second set of Crimson Trace grips. First set are on my full size and these are on my compact carry weapon. They fit, they function and they stay on target. (Posted on 1/7/12)

  11. Awesome first time accuracy! Review by G.L

    I went to the range with a coworker and his wife. They wanted to try some different pistols and see what she was comfortable with, working towards getting a pistol for her personal protection.

    He had a Colt .45 Compact that she had fired a few times and was shooting that day. She told me she didn’t like shooting his pistol, because she thought it was heavy and hard to shoot. She wanted to try different options and find something she liked better.

    In addition to two other pistols with iron sights, I had a Colt Officer’s Model .45 with LG 404 Lasergrips. She fired all of the pistols on our lane and was able to hit the paper each time, but was not consistently grouping her shots with any of the guns….until she tried my Lasergripped Colt. Her first magazine put all 6 shots in the black portion of the target (9 ring). She was surprised to learn that my pistol was nearly identical to her husbands with the exception of the lasergrips. She was sure that it was a smaller caliber, because it was so much easier to shoot and hit her target. I’m not sure what pistol they decided on that day, but am certain that whatever they bought for her would be equipped with a set of Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

    On that same trip to the range my 16 year old daughter fired that same .45 ACP for the first time. Her first magazine also had all 6 shots in the black center of the target. She had been to the range a few times before, but had never placed her shots like that.
    We’re sold on the CTC Laser sights. I now have 4 pistols with Lasergrips, and recently bought my daughter her first pistol – a S&W Bodyguard .380 with CTC laser sights.
    (Posted on 12/22/11)

  12. Love my Crimson Trace!!! Review by Eric

    I have had this Laser for a year. It is on a Kimber Ultra CDP. I had to instal a "short" ambidextrous safety so the grip would fit. This product is worth every penny I paid for it!!! I own several Crimson Trace laser products! They are all quality made! (Posted on 12/16/11)

  13. Reliablity and FUN have returned to shooting. Review by R O Bill

    I have owned the Crimson Trace laser for about four (4) years. After initial sighting in it has performed flawlessly. I have it mounted on a Kimber Ultra carry II, that I carry for personal defence. It has remained "on target", without adjustment, after replacing the batteries three times! Having the Crimson Trace grips has helped to keep my scores competative. (Posted on 12/10/11)

  14. Great functioning Review by Steve

    It works exactly as expected ...didn't need to adjust it -the aim was
    spot on. Perfect choice for 1911 officer without ambidextrous safety.

    Only minus was the thickness of the grip sides. The original cocobolo
    grips that came on my Para OPS were thinner and just felt better.

    However, no problem using these grips. (Posted on 12/10/11)

  15. I think it's an excellent add-on to a defensive firearm Review by Firehand

    I've had these grips for more than two years, with zero problems. And after taking the grips off for a detail cleaning, they were still zeroed when reinstalled.

    I bought them for the possibility of a low-light defensive situation where the iron sights might be hard to use. The fact that I can turn the laser on and off just by loosening or tightening the middle finger of my strong hand is a very good point: no switch I have to work, just grab in a shooting grip. (Posted on 12/7/11)

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Fits Colt (Officer’s and Defender), Kimber (compact, ultra-carry and ultra-elite), Para-Ordnance (compact, single-stack), Springfield Armory (compact and ultra-compact) Wilson Combat and most other 1911’s with grip screws measuring 2-11/16" apart.