Congressman and Coalition Call on CTC Defense

August 9, 2013

Wilsonville, OR

Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) visited the CTC Defense facility today for an on-site tour and to learn more about the company’s—and its employees’—role in the region’s defense industry. The visit was part of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition’s (PNDC) Congressional Round Table with Oregon’s Defense Business leaders.

“All kidding aside, you are the job creators, not the government” stated Rep. Schrader. He was speaking to nearly three dozen representatives from a wide range of defense contractors and suppliers. Rep. Schrader also addressed the sequester, federal budgeting, training programs and the national debt ceiling.

“PNDC members really appreciated this open dialogue with Congressman Schrader,” said Dave Hunt, PNDC Executive Director. “We discussed several solutions that will save money while strengthening local businesses, our region’s economy, and our nation’s security.”  Many manufacturers spoke about their businesses, the current economic environment and their pride in helping with national defense.

“We are honored to have Congressman Schrader visit our headquarters and call attention to the importance of the Pacific Northwest defense manufacturers to America’s security,” said Dale Suzuki, CTC Defense Division Director. “We are glad that Crimson Trace is recognized as a vital partner in America’s national and global defense effort.”

CTC Defense is a tactical electro-optics company that produces lasers and mounting systems for military armament. The company is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon and is a division of Crimson Trace Corporation, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and lighting accessories for firearms ranging from handguns to the M-4 military rifle. Crimson Trace manufacturers more than 150 laser sights and tactical light products that enhance a wide range of handguns and firearms. Those products are also used by many law enforcement and military units around the globe.

The PNDC (formed in 2005) partners with northwest Congressional members to streamline and strengthen federal procurement processes to improve long-term return on investment in defense and security contracts. There are numerous defense manufacturers located in the Northwest.