Not everyone can be a leader.  It's hard work.  Think about the people, organizations and brands in your life that are leaders.  What do they all have in common?  Pushing the envelope, innovation, never settling or resting, challenging the status quo, and blazing their own path in a way that makes you want to follow.  In our business, there is no room for failure, following or standing still.  We exist to put people in control and enhance their ability to protect family, home and country.  Crimson Trace is the undisputed leader in laser sighting systems - we started it - and push ourselves every day to remain the leader.

2013 is yet more proof of how serious we are about success.  After years of testing, developing, and re-testing, we're bringing you Green Laser Sights for handguns.  Powered and optimized to Crimson Trace standards - not just a cool color that drains battery life and compromises effectiveness or efficiency.  We're also launching the Defender Series™ - the World's first laser sighting system with N-Gage™ Activation and the quality, performance and innovation you expect from Crimson Trace at an affordable price point.  We're doing all of this while maintaining our commitment to 100% USA manufacturing and award winning customer service, here in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Our extensive line of products for self-defense and personal safety are all designed and built to make you a more confident and accurate shooter.  That's what you should expect from a leader.

The Laser's Edge

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